My Beloved

Thanks,Faithwomen, All Glory to God of Israel, Amen

Can I preach?:D:)

The Way, The Reality and The Life
Christ the Anointed One, the Messiah: Saviour of the World
The Way to the heavenly hope, to the new earth where righteousness dwell
After so many wayward lifestyles which lead to destruction
Finally there is a Way to the Father, the God who is the giver of Life
Christ Jesus is the Way: Yes He IS

Confusion had risen to the sky in the minds of man
Despair, anguish, sorrow and sin had rule the soul of man
Cries for help, cries for salvation were heard
The Reality, the Truth which dawned as the light in the heart Appeared
Chris Jesus is the Reality, the Truth: Yes He IS

Death enslaved man, its sting [sin] pained man of dust
Where is Life? Where are you Zoe Life?
Coming down from above, died, resurrected and ascended to heaven
Was the Life, the Holy One, Victorious over death, Zoe Life came
Christ Jesus is the Life: Yes He IS
Talking about the Way of Wisdom
Wisdom that declared dominion over the adversary
Philosophies and theology of man failed but Wisdom Way appeared
The Wisdom that Abides in Yahweh, with it there is reverence to the LORD
Chris Jesus is the Way: Yes He IS
In this Reality no one lives by shame
Because in Him there is Prosperity in all things
Christ Jesus is the Reality, the Truth: Yes He IS
Those in Him, nay in all things they are more than conquerors
Greater is He in them than the one in the world

Selfishness the mother of jealous was the master of man
But Life prevailed, the Love Life set man free
Christ Jesus is the Life: King of Life
Love overcame the world for them who believe in Him
Love Is the Father the Eternal existed God: the Life
The Way is the Word that Abides in Yahweh
The incorruptible seed has given birth to New Creation men
Christ Jesus is the Way: Word Way which dwells richly in hearts of New Creation men
The Word of God that had framed their heart and produced faith character of God
From Faith to Faith the righteousness of God is revealed in them

The Reality has resurrected the mind of man
Restoration of the soul is in Christ, the creator of steadfast spirit
Jesus Christ is the Reality, the Truth: Yes He IS
The mind has been transfigured by the Word of Truth
It glows the glory of God in His Holy Mountain

Restoration, Abundant Living is found in Christ
Excellent, Faithful is He, the Lord of Lords
Abounding in Mercy, full of Grace and Truth
Trustworthy is the Reality, Friendship with man is His delight
Christ Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life
What can a child of God fear?
Who can take them away from His Love?
Satan? Nope he is under their feet
The Love Way, the Love Reality and the Love Life has prevailed
Jesus Christ of Nazareth is LORD and He Reigns with them now and forever
Come you man of sorrow, man of dust
Because you like grass which withers away by the breath of God
O nations, I call upon you because you are small as dust in the scales
Come to the Way, the Reality and the Life so that you can have eternal Life
Come to the Love Way, Love Reality and the Love Life, you’ll be free from selfishness
Holy Spirit Filled People
People whom God has imparted His Own Nature
They have been begotten by the imperishable seed the word of God
It has framed their heart and the divine character is now visible in them
These are Holy Spirit Filled people

They have been sanctified and sealed as God children
Oozing with confidence because God is their confidence
The Lord of hosts who fight their battles
Holy Spirit filled people are children of the Most High God
They walk tall yet blueprint of humbleness
Full of grace because they live by grace and they utter the words of life
Because the Holy One, the Revealer of Truth lives in them
Greater is He in them than the one in the world
Holy Spirit filled people are the New Creation
Once they were natural beings but have become supernatural beings
God has made them kings and priests, they are the living stones
They reign with King of Glory, King of Zion forever and ever
Love is their walk so they lay their lives for their brethren
They walk in Spirit, walk by Faith and see the unseen
Discerning of truth is what they excel at
Their delight is in the fellowship with the Holy Spirit
They have total freedom in the Spirit of God
To live, to them is Christ in Whom all things consist
Joy of the Lord is their strength
Day by day they are transformed to His Likeliness
When they walk down the corridors of the earth
Birds sing, trees clap creation is amazed yet joyful
Because the One who made all things walk side by side with New Creation folks
They worship because the tabernacle of God is on earth
These people no longer desire fleshly things
But desire and seek things of the Spirit
That’s why they bear fruits of the Spirit
They move in the gifts of the Spirit proclaiming Good news of Salvation in love

They sit in heavenly places together with Christ
Yet at the same time walk on earth
Just like their Lord who lives in them yet sitting at the Right Hand of God
The Name of Jesus holds much weight in their heart
Who wants to be like them?
Come the door is still open
Before the sound of the last trumpet you can still partake in His Love
Believe in the Lord Jesus and you’ll be filled with the Holy Spirit daily
O I want to be like them
I really like to be like them
What about you?
I don’t want to be left out from this joy so I also want to be His Child
Help me Jesus, draw me to you
Live in me Lord, change me Lord
Because I want and I desire to be like You
Thank You Lord for hearing my prayer, today I am Your Child
Dear son...... Can I copy this one ?" Holy Spirit Filled People ." I would like to send it to a friend. God is certainly working through you. Praise His Name . God richly bless you.
There is Nature of Love
This Love Nature covers all sins
The Nature of Love is longsuffering and kind
A gentleman cares for the next person
Love gave birth to awesome Light
The giver of Life abundantly is this Love
Gave Life that is full of joy and peace
This is Love the father of Faith and Hope
Love is God; proceed from the very heart of the Father
Manifested in the Son through unmerited favor called grace
Communicated through complete fellowship with the Holy Spirit
The whole Godhead is Love when in action is Grace that produce Fellowship
Love has begotten children in the Son, the Beloved
They have been imparted with the Nature of God which is Love
Children of Love is what they are
Born of Love, evident by them laying their Life for each other
They have crucified envy and rose with Love Nature
When they were raised in Love, arrogance was buried with their Saviour
Since now they walk in realm of Love they no longer parade themselves
Only known for being humble, joyous, peaceful, gentle and full of self-control

God their Father has give then the Nature of Victory
A New nature of boldness since they no longer fear
Love cast out fear and it has dominion over satan
Greater One the Holy Spirit lives in them and He is greater than the adversary
Love is pure and perfect, full of Grace and Truth
God is perfect that is why His Love never fails
He does all things in supremacy and in authority
By Love which drives Him, He speaks the Words that are full of Life
Come to Love, the Redeemer is calling
Come you lost souls, come and draw in the well of Love
He is Lord Jesus Christ and He is full of Love
He is the Vine of Love and grace filled because the Love for you drives Him

O I call upon you man of the earth who is full of sorrow
Come to Love Life, to abundant Living
Come and be filled with the righteousness of God
Redemption of your soul has been attained by the Love of God
Accept you salvation and Live


That is excellent brother! Thanks you for sharing your heart and your poem!:)