My Blog Updates

My Blog Updates

Hello all,

I've updated my blog with a study on Mark 11, the account of Jesus making the fig tree wither. In light of the recent thread on that subject, some might find it interesting (blog link is below).

Have a blessed day.

Der Pilger
Preach the gospel at all times; use actions if necessary.

Hello everyone,

Check out a new post on my blog (see below for link) entitled "Words and Actions in the Balance."

A fellow pilgrim,

Der Pilger :)
Hello all,

I hope you all have been thriving in Christ and running the race! Even though the holidays are long behind us, I think it’s safe to say that we’re all still busy with our various daily tasks, chores and commitments. I invite you, nevertheless, to check out two new posts to my "Grammateus" blog (see signature below for link):

Book Review: Share Jesus Without Fear (Part 2):
The review continues, slowly but surely. I’m really giving this book a close reading (hence the detailed posts), but I think it’s worthwhile because I’m noticing a lot of things worth pointing out.

Working it out:
There’s regeneration—when the believer is born from above by the will of God. There’s justification—when the believer has the perfect righteousness of Christ imputed to him or her (what a great salvation!). Then there’s sanctification—the process of becoming Christlike over the course of our entire lives. But how does this work? Does God do all the work, or do we have to labor at it? Not a lengthy post, this entry might provide some food for thought with scripture passages that speak compellingly on this topic.

Have a blessed week!

In Christ alone,

More Blog Updates

Hello all,

I've been quiet for a while, but I haven't been inactive on my blog, which can be found at Here are the new posts I've made:

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Article about Alexandria Gospel Outreach
Book Review: Share Jesus Without Fear (Part 3)
Book Review: Share Jesus Without Fear (Part 4)

May the Lord richly bless you. :)