My Faith, Your Faith

Share with me, brothers and do you increase your faith and maintain it on the days that you might feel "blah"?


Prayer, Reading my bible, and music are All ways that i keep up.

Chalange your self to keep a prayer life that you never say Amen in, let you prayer never cease and let it never end till the day you die and sit in heaven and talk with God.

Reading your bible allows you to look at God the person and by looking at what a AWSOME! God we serve will lift your spirt even higher.

Music is an awsome way to Lift our God up and know how great he is. To constiantly praise him in his greatness.

Life gets hard on us the devil temps us every second of everyday. But remember that Gods always there for us and he will NEVER let us go.

Goto and search "Lifehouse Everything Drama" Its a skit that shows us this, in a way.


That skit has been posted a few times. It is very good indeed. I show it to people who need it, but they don't fully understand it without a knowledge of Jesus and the word.
I found another way, friends:

I just went through a hard time with my sister (the non-believer who is coming to believe). For a long time now she has had pain and the doctors keep telling her that nothing was wrong. Last Friday, they admitted her to the hospital and looked her over completely.

She was crying!:( Usually, she's mean to me. She even once told me that if I'm going to heaven, she doesn't want to go there.:( But I sat by her. I prayed. I let her know that if she was in pain, I was in pain, too. I was scared for her, and I asked our Father to help her please.

All through the waiting, my strength was so low. The tests came up that she had tumors in her uterus and needed to have a hysterectomy. She was horrified! She was crying. She told me she loved me and thanked me for waiting there at the hospital with her. I prayed and prayed.

Yesterday morning they wheel her into surgery. The minutes ticked by and I prayed. She came out 3 hours later with a smile on her face. She waved at me in the waiting room on her way by on the gurney.

In her room, we prayed again and she said it was the best she had ever felt in a long, long time. There was absolutely no pain!:D

My strength was gone. Completely. We went home and I slept. Today I feel like I'm raw all over. Like my rough edges were sanded down to bare nerves. I feel like I've been crying for a week.

But I feel alive! Oh, Father in Heaven, I feel renewed! I feel like He carried my sister when she couldn't carry herself anymore! Yay!

They said they took something out of her...what would usually be the size of a fist came out larger than big canteloupe. She was going to be fine.

She texted me this morning to say thanks again. She loves me, she said, and wanted to thank me for sitting by her. I said no problem...but I wasn't the only one sitting there.;)

In the words of my favorite Christian rapper: I feel alive again, I'm in a jive again!:p