My frustration and my vision.

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I enjoy posts by Ginger. I take issue with "religious" debates/discussions, to use her terminology. To "religious," since Christianity is not a religion, and to debates, since there is only one correct interpretation of scripture, that provided by the Holy Spirit. Discussions? Yes! Talk about what God has done / is doing in your life, about the joy you find in interpersonal Christian relationships, about your ministries, prayers, humbling experiences ...... so very, very much that we Christians can share and rejoice in. I've been around a long time, with my POV altered radically over the years, finally to that place where HE is first and I follow. I would love to post a series of commentaries on scripture without being subjected to everything from doubt to ridicule. And I realize that I engage in that myself sometimes, often wishing I could retract it all. Is there any value in "shock therapy," one Christian to another? Here is something I wrote a year or so ago (and I promised myself I would avoid LONG posts! So much for that!)

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My entire working life has been as an efficiency expert. You know, guys who make systems work, functioning in the best way to provide services and solutions. I did that long before computers, and I'm pretty creative with them today, thank you.

I support four (4) websites at no cost to anyone but myself. I've been doing that since Al Gore invented the internet. Folks are constantly interacting with me on all four. I have served as a moderator on more than one Christian site. In addition to my ministerial and family duties, my daily Bible study, involving not a few lexicons, in addition to interacting with folks in two languages in one particular area which "crosses my screen" daily, in addition to being an active advisor to a Christian group, daily receiving and answering inquiries from persons all over the world, both Christian and non, I drop in here occasionally.

Much to my dismay, there isn't a Christian forum on earth that is without everything from squabbling to heresy. Is it any wonder that there are a zillion denominations with a church building on every corner, ranging in size from an old 7-11 storefront to an Olympic stadium, with so many different interpretations of scripture that when one flips channels one can say AMEN on one, and then feel guilty about it on the next?

Europe is lost to Christianity. Russia has a state church infiltrated by the equivalent of the KGB. China, Viet Nam, Laos, Cambodia, are as anti-God as any of the Arab-Muslim states. The Philippines boast that Jesus Christ lives there and flies his own helicopter. Japan is busy with Buddha and other idols. In the Himalayas, in India, cows are worshipped, along with 40,000 deities. one hears "ooooooooooooommmmmmm" 24/7, as prayer wheels are cranked, in Mongolia. Space aliens have a spaceport in Peru. Flying monsters steal children and animals there and in Chili, according to their own televised reports.

My point? The world is awash with utter rebellion against their only hope, Jesus, 2nd Person of the Trinity. When will we find a CHRISTIAN forum, a CHRISTIAN chat room, where CHRISTIAN exchanges occur? No guesswork, no atheistic challenges, no ad infinitum debates, no heretical or blasphemous “discussions.” What kind of an example are we to seekers, to “babes in Christ,” to the disillusioned, the misguided, those who are “fallen from grace” (not salvation)? When the Rapture occurs, I want to see millions upon millions of Christians rejoicing on their “way up.” I don’t want even one poor, confused, misguided soul left on earth, dabbling in psychic phenomena, voo doo, exploring “new ways” to reach Nirvana, or happy that when they die they are dead forever.

I would love to create and maintain a Christian discussion forum. The last person I talked to about it said it would cost $50,000. Unbelievable. Then I think how much I have spent annually since the magnificent internet was created. It blows my mind.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So where do we go from here? Can a Christian forum be known and widely visited by those who want to share the joy of their salvation? I know there's a slot here for praise and testimonies. Could there be a site with THAT as the ONLY category. Even as I type that, I realize that it simply will not "catch on." We enjoy squabbling and heresy (often without realizing the latter) far too much.
I think you've hit on the truth in your last paragraph. Our goal at CFS has always been to be a "friendly" forum site, to be positive and build each other up. Unfortunately, there are not only differing viewpoints on many theological points, but there are differing viewpoints on what methods edify and build up. Some believe that vigorous debate builds up, and perhaps it does for like-minded individuals, but over the years I have seen numerous sensitive souls become distressed and abandon the site because of contentous conversation. It is exceedingly difficult to walk the line of being friendly and accepting while guarding against heresy, false teaching, or simple foolishness. Sometimes we err on one side, sometimes we err on the other.

The atmosphere of any site is shaped by the people who are active on it, whether they be members or staff, so it is incumbent upon each one of us to extend grace and goodwill to one another even in the midst of heated discussion. We need to recognize also that people read posts and give voice, inflection, and tone to what they read according to their own mood and experiences and expectations, often the post "sounds" to them considerably different that what the poster intended. We really need to be sensitive to the others involved in conversation and self-aware of how we might be coming across and whether our own weaknesses of character are coming to the fore.

It's interesting. Not long ago we had a new member who had his own site which touted open-mindedness and acceptance, yet in short order the member became argumentative, contradictory, and insulting. That same scenario has played itself out quite a number of times. The point being, I suppose, that we all think highly of our own motives and agendas and, to the extent all of our motives and agendas differ, there will be conflict. A little humility and self-reflection goes a long way in mitigating that conflict.

Well, I'm starting to ramble now because I'm tired and I have to go to work soon. Let me finish by just saying this: Dok, you seem like a well-adjusted Christian firm in the faith, I appreciate and welcome your efforts to make this site the friendly, uplifting place we would all like it to be.
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Thanks, Rumely. I especially rejoice over this quote:

We need to recognize also that people read posts and give voice, inflection, and tone to what they read according to their own mood and experiences and expectations, often the post "sounds" to them considerably different that what the poster intended.