My Furkids

My Furkids

These are my furkids. My cocker spaniel Josey who just turned 12 last month. She is my pride and joy..I got her as a 6 week old puppy and she is now 12 how time goes.

Tulip is my beautiful calico cat. Got her as a 5 week old kitty, she is now 3 and has stollen her moms heart as well.

Daisy is my brindle cat, she came to me as a foster 3 years ago and i had to do rehab with her after she had surgery for a severe leg enjury..She never left my home and I adopted her:)


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Tulip is sleeping here on my bed with me...Josey is on the floor next to the bed sleeping and Daisy is out in my recliner is after all past their *and my* bedtime:D


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LOL...In the recliner. I know Daisy doesn't let anyone sit on her recliner. That is too cute