My life,My all, My heart,

Apr 18, 2009
Metro Manila
My life,My all, My heart,

My life, my all, my heart,
Oh! Lord, how can I ask,
As I don't have the strength,
Come take my all now,
You made the stars,
Please take my life from me,
As I don't have the strength,
To give it away to you Jesus,
Come my Lord into my life,
Jesus come shine on me,
Come my Lord set my heart on fire,
Because of You Jesus I want
To give to you my heart,
My heart cries out to you Jesus,
How long will I be away?
I can only imagine how I will feel,
Oh! Lord, you are greater,
When I come to you for your comfort,
Will I be able to dance for you?
My heart aches for you all day,
Come my Jesus wipe away my tears,
I want to worship you,
Lord you gave your life for me,
I need to come to you now, not later,
Thank you for loving me,
Lord, I come to you on bended knee,
I can only imagine what it will be like,
Come Jesus show me the way,
Show me how to enter,
Jesus your Blood washes away my sin,
My Lord I see your open arms,
Yes! My Jesus I'm on my way in,
I know that you lord will keep me from harm,
Take me as I am,
Lord I surrender to you.

written by ramon 27/7/07 :fish: