My Mbam Is Not Letting Me Clear The Scan Logs.

What do I do if my security software is just not letting me clean that old scan logs at all. Tried everything I knew just to make it go away. What should I do now?

My Malwarebytes Anti-Malware application is not letting me clean the scan logs. It's just a bit messy, which is making me mad like anything. When I opened these non-trash-able log files it's nothing more than "Protection Stopped" message. I have attached the screenshots with my post, if that is helpful enough.


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Anyone's there? Can I get some possible guidance for my problem?

ummm. Go to C:/ProgramData/Malewarebytes/Malewarebytes'Anti-Malware/logs

Then just delete them.

Make sure the folder is not Write protected also, this might be why Malewarebytes can not delete them.

Make sure you don't have hide system folders checked or you won't see the Programdata folder.

Issue Solved.
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