My name is John

My name is John

I found this forum via a Google search for 'christian forums'. Let me introduce myself a little bit. My name is John Rothra and I'm a pastor in Alvord, Texas (North Texas). I'm also a PhD student at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

I run two websites:
- John Rothra Ministries ( - ministry website
- FaithTag ( - Christian Digg-like social bookmarking

I'm a father, husband, pastor, and student.


Welcome to CFS John, it is going to be a pleasure getting to know you- many blessings Larry
Welcome John. You have a lot of resposibilities. :D I like sites too.
I am busy, yes. Makes one wonder how I have time for this forum and the other one I visit regularly (charter member there):

Thank you for liking the sites. My goal is to provide an online, evangelistic ministry resource (John Rothra Ministries) and a Christian/religious alternative to Digg so Christians can share their articles without fear of others burying them.

Hopefully I can learn from others here, grow, and be a more usable person for God.


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I am not a parent nor do I have a ministry. Yet I sometimes struggle doing everything. :D I love faithtag's concept. Such user generated sites is to comprise of whats called the Web 2.0. Well done!