My New Pet: Scoby-dohby-doh

My daughter gave me a scoby about 45 days ago, and I just went cold toward it. Couldn't bring myself to drink the "Kool aid." I did everything wrong, like giving it fruit juice instead of tea, and it grew and grew while I merely watched and watched.

Today, my daughter told me she would give me a new one, if I would throw the other scoby away. I never named the old one, but I named the one she gave me Scoby-Dohby-Doh, so that maybe, I would be more responsible toward it.

So there Scoby-Dohby-Doh sits in its glory on my kitchen cabinet. I gave it sugary tea, hoping I was being nicer. (Hey, I thought fruit juice was a better idea, but it's not according to my daughter.)

If you have any advice for me, I am open to it!
I had to google this, TezriLi... had never heard of it. Sounds like an interesting 'pet'
to have. :) Please let us know how you like the flavor...
It's scary stuff for me. I will drink my daughter's, I will drink the bottled from the grocery store, but I freeze at my own.
After researching it, I'd have to work into creating my own. :) I added a bottle (gingerade flavor) to my cart at the grocery store...
and I must say, it's quite refreshing.
Well, I took another look at mine and decided to go for it.

Some of the commercial is good, and some can be shocking! Glad you like yours.
I am still learning, but it is surviving! I need to learn how to make my drink stronger. The drink should be effervescent, and mine is, but not enough. I am still in the experimentation phase. Very pleasant drink, however!! Thank you for asking!