My Official How I'm Doing Thread

Jesus Freak

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This will be my official how I'm doing thread. I just want you all to know something first before we go on to how I am doing today:

I tend to get mad at people when they disagree with me. But, since the rules state clearly in layman terms that if I do disagree with someone not to post about it in the thread I disagree in. And, to also stay out of discussions if I feel they are too debatable for me. And, to NOT say a word if I don't need to. And, another thing: I do tend to try to post what I THINK someone is saying to me so I can understand it better.

Anyway, onto how I am doing. I am doing good today. Just hanging out at home, and, my mom is out last minute Christmas shopping for us. YAY!!!!!!! I can't wait for Christmas, baby!!!!!!!!!! I love this time of year. I used to not, but, now I do. I love Jesus as my avatar says.

Jesus Freak

Previously DanaCovert68
I forgot to say that of course you all can post in here too. Don't feel like you have to not post. I want encouraging g words from you all.
That's good. Glad you're doing good.

I'm having a good night tonight. Just watching my nephew for a few hours. He's such a cutie and a good boy.
My niece had a birthday about a week ago. She turned one year old. She can say thank you now which sounds very cute. She is actually my nieces daughter so that would make her my grand-niece, which makes me a grand-uncle. I feel too young to be a grand-uncle already. Now, my nephew is expecting a kid in a few months. Time goes by so fast.

Jesus Freak

Previously DanaCovert68
I am doing good tonight. Just watching The King Of Queens before I go to bed for the night. If I haven't already said it: Merry CHRISTmas to all of you guys. May the reason for the season be celebrated.
That sounds like a plan. Being a Godly man, I would be kind and give you two turns and take none for myself. Then I would give you 2 more extra turns, and suffer unselfishly, with no turns. It's a sacrifice a men of God should make for women, to not think of ourselves.

It's always better to give, than to receive.

You have a Merry Christmas.



Jesus Freak

Previously DanaCovert68
I am doing okay. Not having the best of days. I need to rant for a sec:

I have a cousin that is on Facebook and all she does is get mad and post things that aren't appropriate. Like the whole Duck Dynasty thing she basically said people have the right to say what they want and was trying to force people to like the Robertsons. I just am sooooo glad that I'm off Facebook for good. I think she needs to take a looooooong hiatus from there, or better yet, leave for good. She's hotheaded. I love her, but she could use some time away fro Facebook.

Anyway, that's my rant, and hope I haven't offended anyone. I was just getting this off my chest. Thanks and God bless you all.