My rebuttal on the belief in karma and reincarnation

My rebuttal on the belief in karma and reincarnation

Hi! Brethren,
Please read my refutal if the belief in karma and reincarnation

Karma is a belief that a person has to live many lives improving in each until they become an ascended master and finally lose self-awareness into the mindless soup of the cosmic mind.
Alternatively, there is a belief that one can choose ones own next life from the spiritual plane in order to learn something in the next. It is claimed by some variants of this illogical belief that one might have to live sometimes millions s of lives before becoming perfect to escape the cycle of birth and rebirth and find enlightenment.

I believe this Karma is nonsense and will list my objections to this belief below:

1. The bible says it is appointed for a person once to live and then the judgment.

2. Karma says that a soul must live many mortal lives to reach perfection. Thus humanity undergoes must undergo many many incarnation from a bad human until one finally becomes an enlightened master, One, nevertheless, must start out as a lowly life form such as a cockroach or garden Lilly and finally, after countless millions of years progress to become human For the life of me how does a bad cockroach or garden Lilly become a "good cockroach or garden Lilly". This belief if it where not so tragic would be very very funny indeed.

3. Karma says that if we have a weakness or fault in this life, we must return reborn, again and again and overcome our failings in the previous in the next life, "or horrors upon horrors maybe revert to been a cockroach again".

4. Therefore, any suffering we have to endure in this life, be it cancer, aids, all other sicknesses poverty, etc, etc is our own fault due to the evil or bad things we did in our past life. This is a cruel belief as many saintly people suffer and die in the most horrific manner. What soul would choose to be a Jew in the Second World War and see their beloved’s torn from them in the holocaust and consumed in the ovens of Hitlers death camps

5. the above paragraphs shows that Karma is idiotic nonsense, how can one so often be punished so terribly for something they do not even remember from a sinful forgotten past life. In my case I have had to endure a lifetime the unimaginable pain, desolation of a sever mental illness. Is this the punishment for something I did in past life, that I have absolutely no recollection?. (bi-polar

6. Another view favored by spiritualists and modern day channelers is that between lives we sit in some other dimensions and decide exactly what kind of life we choose be it beggar, rich person or what ever. Therefore, our fate is coconsciousness decide by ourselves, what nonsense.

7. What then about souls like and the numerous depraved people on earth at the moment, did they deliberately choose a life of depraved evil and what they could learn by there wicked actions? They will degenerate further and further through each life as they are totally depraved without any redeeming good qualities what so ever. Surely, this type of person deserves judgment and eternal punishment, not escape into karma.

8. If we look at the out of control world population we see an exponential increase in the total world population, which is already a frightening 6.5 billion and growing faster and faster by the day. Where are all these people coming from? If karma is true, surely people should be reaching perfection and escaping the cycle of life and the worlds population decreasing. Not so?

9. Again, if karma is true we should be observing just the reverse. With more and more people becoming better and better and finally reaching enlightenment and escaping the relentless birth and rebirth with a subsequence decrease in the world population.

10. Although people are no more evil now than they were in the past (middle age horrors as an example), they are also no better, if we read our daily newspaper or listen to the news on the electronic media. We just have to read up on the mechanized world wars of the past century and see the awful weapons humanity has developed and continue to develop to kill one another, with more and more sophisticated tools of death. Where is Karma in all of this?

11. Where are all the enlightened masters? There seems to me so few in these latter days. Please could one name just one living master for me?

12. A person I would call an enlightened master in present times would be mother Treresa and she did definitely not believe in the law of Karma but believed and practiced active love caring and charity nearly all the years of her long life.

13. If the law of karma is true, why are we still having more and more conflicts and wars all over the planet, instead of peace?

14. How then are the memories some claim come from past lives? I believe that locked up in our genes and encoded within the colossal D.N.A. molecule racial memories could be stored. Perhaps these ghosts of memories could perhaps leak into the conscious mind of some people who then believe they are remembering past lives.

15. Another fact that, has been proven, is forgotten childhood memories that are remembered in the case of trauma or under hypnoses.

16. My personal search for an explanation has shown not one indisputable past life memory in anyone. All could be explained rationally.

17. My own personal view on Karma and past life regression is that I hope this awful concept is not true. Who wants to live repeatedly? Anyway, 99.999999999+++ of people just like me have no memories of past lives. In addition, if I lived in the past and have no recollection of that life, the person I was then is truly dead.
18. I believe I exist now because years ago my beloved parents decided (Not me) to make love. I am sure I did not choose this life and am positive it is the only life I have ever had. What comes after, is in the hands of the Lord God Almighty.

19. I therefore reject the concept of karma as a potentially cruel false idiotic belief and nonsense to any logically rationally thinking person.


Eastern religion can never bring one to salvation as it is based on works and ones own achievements and righteousness. This can never stand in front of a Holy God.

Joh 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

All other paths than Christ lead only to destruction.