My Salvation Expeience


I was an alcoholic and not a very kind person. My wife was saved in '74, baptized in the Holy Spirit and started attending a house fellowship a few miles from our home. She and another Christian in her office were praying for people who came in and they were getting healed. I began to ask her to pray for things I wanted like seeing ducks and geese when I went hunting. I got a few surprises when the birds showed up from directions and angles that were impossible to hit, but I saw them when she had prayed. I only asked that one twice. I was told by denominational Christians that, horror of horrors, your wife speaks in tongues! I told them she was over 21 and old enough to do it if she wanted to. I had no idea what "that" was but if they were against it then it could not be all that bad. I had very little use for church goers.

Now here is the key so pay attention. My wife claimed the promise for my salvation on the basis of Acts 16:31 and lived a changed Christian life before me. And I mean she CHANGED! By the way this 'works' for all family members including distant relatives and those by marriage. Only believe.

She learned that Jesus was the Great Physician and decided she would have our third child at home trusting Him. I said fine, but I will be deer hunting. Previous to this I had come home early one Friday night from the bar where I had been drinking supper since getting out of work at 3:30. (My favorite night to get drunk because I had all weekend to sober up) and decided to go to the home fellowship with her.

I really was interested in what I heard as this Arab pastor (naturalized US citizen) who had been born a citizen of Israel and raised in Haifa was talking like the Bible was all true. My, I thought, maybe there is no hypocrisy here. I continued to go each Friday and began to see what I was looking for, truth.

So on November 10th, 1977 my wife started labor at home trusting Jesus and I decided it was time to get born again that night. Actually Jesus had already apprehended me. Our third daughter was born early in the AM on the 11th of November and I received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of new tongues later that day. Holding our new baby girl minutes after she was born was GREAT. Jesus was faithful then and still is. We have never looked back .