My Son's Dog

She is so pretty and so gentle and when my son leaves her with me and I take her for a walk every one stops and comments how pretty she is . She is a really good dog and wants to play with my cats but the cats don't want to play . They just hiss at her . But she is so good natured , she just keeps on trying.
I love your sons dog all dressed up

well God did give to us the animals to look after even if they do get dresse up,I wonder if the dog knew what it was all about?

God loves even animals
My hubby's boxer literally hates all cats..this one came from my daughter and she had to get rid of him because she has cats and so he had to go, so we took him in.

He is cute as well .They are such a nice looking dog . What's his name.?

No my son's dog wants to play with the cats but they don't want anything to do with her.