My testimony

Aug 27, 2008
My testimony

Born in serbia came to australia in 1970 lived here ever since grew up in sydney my teenage years were spent in riotous living drugs immoralities blasphemies lying hating hated.Moved to Athertopn north queensland in 1987 a life of sin is never worth it sin is not funny and it is not pleasurable its decietfull and sould destroying drinking drugs and immoralty have taken a greater toll on human lives than all the wars put together and my heart goes out to all those who have lost loved ones in war or the corruption of sin.Tjhis is my solemn warning to al;l be sure that your sins will find you out there is a day of reckoning coming where the Holy God who has given life to all and so much blessing daily to each of us the gratefull and those who are ungratefull every good and perfect gift does come from God loved ones friends food clothing and every other blessing that He deems fit ti bless with.Heavenly Father forgive this chief of prodigals for being so foolish and not highly valuaing the wonderfull and precious gifts.Im so sorry that i hurt thsoe who were and always will be dear to myn heart my precious brothers and sisters in Christ and for being a bad witness and i humbly ask for Your forguigeness for all my sins and offenses Dear Lord.Have mercy on me a sinner graciously recieve into Your Heavenly Kingdom the rest of my days to live my life for the glory aAND HONOR OF Your name.I became a christian in 1991 and i know that i met with God i was young on fire and God revealed His great and awesome love and power time and again.Jesus is truly the Son of God He is the same yesterday today and forever im sorry i allowed sin religous hypricosy to lead me from the path that God called me to.I have only one boast and that is in Your ever lasting love that You demonstrated in sending Your Son to seek and save that wich was lost You alone are worthy Dear Lord Your will be done Thank You for all the wonderfull and great things You always do.Lord Jesus Christ i love You and wanrt to know You and serve You alone Dear Lord.
May 12, 2008
Hallelujah brother...
thank you for sharing how the Lord has saved and called
you to Himself...
He is AWESOME!!!
Jun 20, 2008
Canada Quebec
hallelujah brother thanks for your testimony you're an amazing brother in Christ Adam :)

I admire your faith and your love and zeal for the Lord, truly remarkable, preach it brother forever and ever and ever until Jesus comes back then it's too late for all these lost sheep. let's keep it going may the LORD of Hosts give us strength and willingness to complete His will on earth.
God bless you brother.
love you