Natural -v- Supernatural

Sometimes the distinction between our natural gifts, trained abilities, and spiritual gifts is hard to understand. It seems that for many of us the combination ends up being complimentary in ways we could not have foreseen. Its really awesome how God works everything together.

In the end what we are discussing here is the type of tool used by the Holy Spirit rather than just the effectiveness of those tools.

I can cut down a tree with an axe (natural gift) and that tree will fall down when I am done. I may even be able to exert some control over where it falls.

If I use a chain saw (spiritual gift) that same tree will come down faster and with more control.

If I give either the axe or the chain saw mentioned above to someone (The Holy Spirit) who is far stronger and far more skilled than I am the tree will come down faster and with more control than what I can do.

In all three examples the tree still comes down.

That is the same basic effect that our natural and supernatural gifts have when used by the Holy Spirit rather than by us. He super charges and speeds up our work, but when we let Him control those tools the work has far more precision and effectiveness than anything we can do ourselves.

In the end it matters little which gift, talent, specific training, or combination of them we may have. What matters is that we trust in and follow Jesus.

When we surrender to God, he uses us and all of the abilities (natural and spiritual, trained and untrained) that we have been given by him to glorify himself.