Nature Poems

Nature Poems

I love nature. I think nature is something so gentle, beautiful, romantic, dangerous, terrifying, mysterious...and yet all at the same time...just nature. Nature can be beautiful, nature can be nice, and nature can be furious. But all in all Nature is something that'll get back at us one matter what.

Nature -

If nature were human
It would be the most diverse
Of us all.
Nature is a fury that cannot be tamed
A fury that rages when unleashed
A fury that can sweep us away in the blink of the eye.

But yet Nature is so loving.
Flowers sprout forth from the rich Earth
Ocean waves carress our feet and faces in gentle tenderness.
Wind dries tears shed from a broken heart.

But do not underestimate it's fury.
It will struck silently
Raging, washing, hunting.
Nature is not blind!
It watches us everyday.

Watching, waiting, lurking.
But don't fear it either.
It is as gentle and loving as it is terrifying and powerful.