Near the sea - Près de la mer

I had a dream, once, and I thought it was so peculiar. The colors, the emotions, but the emotions mainly. There was a feeling of awe, a sort of trembling the air, as if something was moving about yet I could not see what it was, exactly. I just felt it. It was almost thrumming over my skin. I don't know what kind of emotion that was, but I tried to capture it in this poem. I guess from now on, I will begin to write down a lot of my dreams, since they are so surreal and...unrelated to my life in some ways:

I had a dream, once,
Of the sea.
It was blue, so bright, with a hint of scarlet, like blood,
And it flickered in the deep darkness,
It scented the air, made it sweet.
I heard it in the air, pounding against the rocks,
Against the sandy beach, like a thousand hooves of horses, punishing the earth and the sky and the wind.
It frightened me, and yet it somehow calmed me,
And there was an air of mystery, of danger, of the unknown.
I remember the high, tall trees, reaching, and houses,
Huddled against the rocky earth.
We were going somewhere, trying to escape, and the ocean was there, just waiting...
As if waiting to take me there, wherever I had to go.