Need A Good Legal Downloading Site


What actually happens is some kind person actually buys the cd and decides that he wants to share it. So he basically rips the cd (remember now that he is the owner of the cd since he has purchased it with his own money) with the songs now on his computer stored as an mp3. He then uploads it onto his site or loads it on a tracker program which i won't mention. People download of this and basically it becomes known as a file sharing program. So it no longer goes against the copyright laws.

On the other hand these sites make money by saying that by downloading from us you are doing it the legal way. Think of it, they sell each track for 0.99c or even 0.49c for that matter. If an album has 15 tracks on it for e.g. that will cost the buyer $15. Im guessing if you walk down to the store you could probably get the cd a lesser price or the same. Makes no difference those sites make their money anyway.

It might be that way in the Land Down Under (which I highly doubt) but it isn't that way in the US.

Basically, you're saying that I can go to the store, buy a book and since I now own that copy of the book I can take it to a copy center, make 100 copies and give them to all my friends.

You might want to ask the copyright owner if he/she agrees with you.

FWIW, I am the owner of several copyrights, and it is never okay with me if you copy my stuff without permission.
I know there's tons of illegal sites where I can get free songs, but I can't bring myself to go that route. I've found some sites where you can pay a monthly membership, but I'm on dial-up(DSL not available) so I'm not sure a monthly membership would be cost effective for me, unless it was dirt cheap. Most of my downloads would take place late at night when I know my connection won't be interrupted due to phone calls.

I've found several for 89 and 99 cents a song, but I remember someone telling of places that had them for 49 cents and cheaper. I can't remember the name and haven't been able to find any by searching.

Anyhow, I'm not ruling out a monthly membership. But if I do go that route, can I get membership for a month and then cancel?

I know very little about this stuff, so if I've asked a dumb or illegal question, please forgive me and please correct me. :)
Preacher:,, and (just to name a few) have pay per download, so you do not have to pay a monthly fee. These are all legal download sites.

Also try
I ran and operated a online radio staion called Triple 7, we played good Christians songs. When i ran this station i paid for a Lisence to do it legal. i could play any song as long as it followed the International laws.

However, this is legal, when you watch a Video of a taped show, you are in your rights to do so. IE:a movie is on at 7pm, your going to be out at that time so you tape the movie on your vcr. The watch it later, its a copy of that movie but l egal to do as long as you don't sell it and make money from its sales.

The same with songs, you can record the song you want and play it when you are ready to hear it, as long as you do not sell it for money.

Also International Laws state that if under 10% is used from one cd, book or images its not ellegal, if over 10% is used it is ellegal to use and have without the permission of the owner.
The same with songs, you can record the song you want and play it when you are ready to hear it, as long as you do not sell it for money.
That is not the case in the US my friend. It is important to remember that the laws do vary from country to country. Downloading music in the US even for personal listening on an MP3 player or other device is subject to 3 years in prison and a $250,000.00 fine in the United States.

There have been over 1,000 students arrested or fined from KU (Kansas University) by the RIAA for downloading music, and I personally know of a young lady in Junior High not far from my house who was arrested and fined over 150,000.00 for downloading music from these supposed "legal" download sites. They lost in court and this devistated their family. And no she was not selling or giving the music to anyone, it was all on her iPod for her personal listening pleasure.

My advice,....go buy the CD. :)