Need a touch of help

Need a touch of help

I have been asked by a friend at church to produce a skate video for an upcoming talent show within the church (I'm a skateboarder if that adds to the background, and I regularly film myself).

Anyway, I would like a good Christian song to set the video to, but have no idea what song.

I generally like Hip Hop for music to skate to, with a really strong beat that can be heard quite well, and it'd also be good if the lyrics were very Christian based.

So has anyone got any recommendations? I'm toying with the idea of Grits, Braille, Light Headed and Newsboys, but I'd like a few more ideas so I can really get the perfect song.

Preferably, the song will be 3 and a half minutes - 4 minutes long, but in some ways, the shorter, the better.

Thanks in advance!
As far as genres, I'd either go with rap or punk. I really like some of Grits' radio singles (Like "[SIZE=-1]Ooh Ah" or "They all fall down"). For punk, MxPx is a good Christian one (I Like "Secret Weapon").

Hope this helps somewhat :)
Just a reminder - if you use someone else's published lyrics and music, their work is protected by Copyright Laws. You need written permission to include copyrighted music in your own production no matter how many or how few persons will view it. The fines that the courts have been handing out lately will definately get your attention.
Well its not a Hip Hop song Per-say but it is rap-metal of sorts..

Its one song ive hardly seen in any skate video, thats "Southtown" by POD
how aobut "let the bodies hit the floor"? sometimes called "bodies" its not christian but its not vulgar or violant either, very good for skateboarding video's, its been used many times in many videos. its by drowning pool

Anybody seen the YouTube video with that song set to a video clips of an A&E documentary about Benny Hinn? --- Interesting


I would think that for a church that this song would probably be inappropriate