Need help by searching the historical truth of Jesus

Need help by searching the historical truth of Jesus


Lately I've started to write a book. This book will contain some factors like:
Was there a Historical Jesus?
How reliable is the old testament?
How reliable is the new testament?
Is Jesus the Messias according to the prophecies?
What about the differences in the gospels?

I'm not doing this because I want to know sure for myself, but for others to be sure.

Do you have any lecture/literature (websites, articles, books, dvd's, video on the internet etc) (in English, Dutch (, or German)) that contains some evidence for one of these chapters, I Really like to have some.
If you have any can you give me the website or title?

I already have a lot of literature/lecture, but I do not believe I have enough. I really want a book with truths, where people can see that Jesus really lived


A good starting point is the excellent book
The New Evidence That Demands A Verdict by Josh McDowell.
This is a revised and updated version of the original and available from most book shops or from Amazon

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LostandFound: Just a suggestion that may help you with keywords and historical searches...

If you have a King James Version Bible, also obtain a "Strong's Complete Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible" - with a pre-1991 publication date.

This will allow you to research the English words in the KJV as to what the original wording was in the Hebrew, Aramaic, Syric and Greek language manuscripts from which the KJV was translated. This will give you a better word base from which to initiate your historical studies.

One fascinating study involves Joseph of Arimathaea - ( as mentioned in Matthew 27:57-59 KJV and other places). If you do a Concordance search, you will find that Joseph was a very rich man and was a distant relative of Mary, Christ's mother. An interesting study on Joseph of Arimathaea can be found in the link below; just as a continuation of a historical, rather than Biblical source of presumed fact.

BIO: Joseph of Arimathaea (31 July NT) - bit.listserv.christia | Google Groups
The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel"

The film "The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel" DVD is excellent! 10 10 10

first of all thank you very much, for all the support.
second of all I want to say something about "the case for Christ". I've read it once, and a few times I've read trough it. It's a very good book, but the reason why I'm started to write this book is because "the case for Christ" isn't enough. He has a lot of points that were never proven. There is also a book of T. Doherty, that misproves (some chapters) of this book.
It surely was a good book, it is, but the most real facts I want to get out of other books and stuff.

For historical Jesus you want to get your hands on movies and interpret them in your book.
What do you mean by this?

Again thanks all of you, I'm now reading the book of Mcdowell, and have read most of the websites. thanks for your help!

greetings and Gods blessings!
What do you mean by this?

Again thanks all of you, I'm now reading the book of Mcdowell, and have read most of the websites. thanks for your help!

greetings and Gods blessings!

Look into movies that speak about Israel, places that Jesus walked on. The Dead Sea. Explanations of these places. The Dead Sea is named for the reason that it does not possess any life form. Maybe Jesus destroyed them and left no remnant.
Contact the Roman Bascilicas over in Europe for ancient Middle Eastern documentations on Jesus. Constantine collected those ancient Biblical and historical writings on Christ, from Europe all thru the Middle East, dating back to even before Jesus appeared.

God Bless!!
Here's a small list of some historians, and extra-biblical account about Jesus of Nazareth.

1) Cornelius Tacitus (55-120 AD) "The Greatest Historian of Rome"

2) Gaius Suetonius Tranquillas (117-138 AD) Chief Secretary of Emperor Hadrian

3) Flavius Josephus (117-138 AD) Court Historian for Emperor Vespasian

4) The Jewish Talmud (Compiled 70-200 AD) Called "Yeshua"

5) Mara-Bar Serapion, of Syria (70-180 AD)

6) Justin Martyr (150 AD)

7) Phlegon (80 AD)

8) Julius Africanus (221 AD)

Hope I helped a bit :D
May the Lord help you in your studies. A great resource for any study is the first historian of the Christian Church, Eusebius "The History of the Church", available in translation (English) by Penguin Cloassics, ISBN O-14-044535-8.

Have you looked at the Perseus Site on the Internet. Mainly for Classics students you will find information there on Pontius Pilate, with Jesus mentioned.

Good searching.
thank you all...

I'm reading a lot these days...
Not only for the book, but for my personal faith.
I hope I have time to read all the resources, and write it down in time.

thanks for everything.