Need help reaching out to uncle

Need help reaching out to uncle

My uncle has had a tough life and has a lot of hurt and anger in his heart. He grew up in a Christian home under my grandfather, but his dad died when he was 13 and since then has been angry at God for taking him. He asks me all the time why did God take my dad if he is as loving as you say He is. Any advice on how I can answer this for him? I am still completely new to the Christian faith and dont have all the answers. I want to keep talking with him and relate things to him in a way he could maybe understand.

I have talked to him twice now about God and I know that this is God working through the Holy Spirit for him to finally question things and seek a better life with a new heart. My uncle just doesnt know it yet. I am working with him to see the Lords light but I dont know what exactly I should say; this is the first time Ive been in this predicament.

I keep telling my uncle that God proved to me that He is real and alive when I said my "sinners prayer". I am working my way up with my uncle so he can say a prayer like this to be born again. I just need some advice from someone who has been through this process with someone and how did you get them to see Christs truth!
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maybe you could begin with telling him that God did not take his Father to hurt him and start showing him what scripture tells us in Genesis as to what God begin to do right away when Adam and Eve fell . The more informed he becomes the less likely he will be to be 'Misinformed" and to have notions that are not necessarily so :smiley30: reading and sharing scripture is a powerful and effective way to help all people Encourage him to comb the scriptures and seek out the whole of the matter
There is no way we can have God's help if we are blaming Him for things He didn't do.

In Genesis it says everything God make was good. When sin came into the world everything changed and it brought in every evil and every bad thing into our world.

John 10:10 says Jesus came to give us abudnant life but the thief only comes to steal, kill and destroy. That's how you know something is from God or the devil. Was somthing stolen? Something destroyed? Was someone killed?
It wasn't GOD.
He asks me all the time why did God take my dad if he is as loving as you say He is.
Humans live and then they die. Think of it this way, if your uncle's dad didn't die the way he did die on that day, he would have died another way on that day. Does that make sense? The day that he died was the day that was going to end his life. There was no stopping it. God has the numbers of our days already set out. "There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die..." Ecclesiastes 3:1-2

It's part of life. We all die at some point. I can understand where your uncle is coming from as well. I've lost four people this year. The most recent was my friend, Timmy, who died a week ago. And yes, I can blame God. And I can be mad at God, but I'm at peace because I know where Timmy is. He loved God so much. And even though he had an excuse to complain about his life (he was a quadriplegic since birth. His birth mother didn't want him. So he was adopted by a wonderful Christian family), he never complained. Anyways, I'm getting off track. I just miss him :(.

When Timmy died, I knew that he was supposed to die. Because God already has our death date set. Not in a cruel way. But He knows how long we will live. And God took Timmy away from us. He was only seventeen. But God's timing is always perfect. Timmy touched so many people's lives. His funeral was huge. God used HIM.

Anyways, I better stop talking or I'm gonna cry. Lol.

Sadly, in a lot of cases, God's usually the scapegoat. People need to blame someone, and they blame God. And even though it's wrong, that's just a fact. I suggest you show your uncle the scripture I gave you. There is a time for everything. Show him love. You don't have to shove scripture down his throat EVERY SINGLE MINUTE. That's going to push your uncle away. You need to be patient. Be persistent, though. Invite him to church. If he says no, accept it. And then the next Sunday, invite him again. And he may keep saying no. But keep being persistent.

I have a feeling that your uncle will know Christ. But you have to be persistent. Don't give up. Show him love. Be patient. Be kind. Know him that you love and care for him. And so does Jesus!

You're the only one that can show Christ. So show Christ in your actions.

(I'm in the same situation, sorta. My cousin isn't a Christian. And she's had a horrible life. So I've been trying to bring her to Christ. God is also telling me to be persistent!)

And I've been praying for you, FYI. For the college and stuff!!!!!
Thanks for the prayes and responses!

My uncle has said that he actually does read the Bible from time to time but just doesn't understand it. He is looking for a lot of answers and I'm not the person that can give him those answers. He is asking the same kind of questions I was before I was saved; looking for proof of God pretty much. I told my uncle that he really isn't looking for proof of God's existence one way or the other, but actually looking for God.

I forgot to mention; on top of his dad's death, his sister and his newborn baby girl also died in his lifetime. His dad and his sister really were some of the best people you'll every meet on this Earth. This is another thing he says he can't understand; why the good people are gone. I will show him the scriptures above on our next talk and see where that goes but I'm still up for any other suggestions!

Thanks guys, you're awesome!

Oh and xspinningisfun, I am slowly moving along with college for spring. I now have two classes enrolled but I need two more! I don't see any real possibilities of how that'll happen but I still trust in God to take care of it for me.