need help

Nov 16, 2009
need help

[FONT=&quot]Hello, friends.My name is Tatiana.I need help very much. I am live in Moldova.I am married and have 3 children. I do not work now, my husband works only. I learn on photographer to begin my business and work how photographer. But I have no money on the most further education($200) and I can not to buy photographic technics( the digital mirror camera, lenses, flash), with which I shall be able to work.I am tried all variants-I do not know where take money. They said to me, that there is assotiations of the businessmans-christian, which help to begin the business.May be anyone can advise something.Excuse me for this request.

Alo, ce mai face? Moldova, what a wonderful place. You're trying to buy camera equipment for 200 or get more education for 200? If you are trying to better your photography skills, I can give you some ebook that have helped me, and point you to some websites that have great tutorials.