Need laptop recommendations

Need laptop recommendations

Hello. I am starting a web based business and need to buy a laptop. I don't want to share the PC that my family uses.

I have been out of work for over a year and believe that it is now or never as I have not found even a part time job. Long story short, I need a laptop that will help me maintain the website, create business files and images but is the absolute BEST value for my money. Acer has some inexpensive models.

I am computer literate but do not consder myself savvy. Open to all recommdations. I need to make an economical purchase, but don't want to waste money on something that won't last a year or meet my needs.
It just so happens that I know a lot about computers. go figure...................

Laptops have a high failure rate, even the ones you would not expect to fail. The lesser expensive Laptops are slower than a comparable priced desktop PC. If at all possible I would go with a Desktop........... but if the heart is set on a laptop, and your just storing files and maintain a web site, then most of Today's Laptops will do just fine. However, you did not mention if you were just storing images or going to be working on images. If your working on images, like with Photoshop 4 then your going to need something with some Umph to it.

What is Economical and what is inexpensive?
Walmart is your friend.

Acer has some Laptops for around 250.00-300.00 price range, but they only have 1 gig of memory. Hardly enough to run windows 7 nicely. The cpu is also not the faster. Not something I would try to run a business on.

For running a business I would look at something like these. Dell 17.3" Inspiron 1750 Laptop with Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor, Windows 7 Home Premium & MS Office: Computers

The screen is larger than most laptops at over 17" it has 4 gigs of ram that run at 800 MHz, should be enough speed to flip between applications and folders without pausing, Has a duel Layer DVD drive that you can use DVD's to store tons of information and make back up. and Dell has a good warranty along with Walmarts awesome warranty.

Best Buy also has the Geeksquad, and good Warranty policies.

You want something that is not going to soon aggravate you from taking to long doing certain things, and jumping around windows and folders. You want to run a business, not wait on your Laptop. The Inspiron has made a pretty good name for itself and if anything goes wrong Best Buy or Walmart will take care of it for you. I would also look into getting a EXTERNAL back up system if your going to do a business.

I assume you have internet already in your house. If your going to use your laptop at home for business I would suggest getting a wireless card for your Laptop and router to where you main PC is connected. This way you can access internet anywhere in your house and connect to the other computer. The Dell comes with this built in.

Whatever you do, pray about it first, and make sure you have peace in your heart before buying, We are led by the Spirit of God, not the price of items.

Be blessed.
I have an acer. It was very cheap for me. 400 dollars. it's very good :)

Acer has some Laptops for around 250.00-300.00 price range, but they only have 1 gig of memory. Hardly enough to run windows 7 nicely. The cpu is also not the faster. Not something I would try to run a business on.
i will prob agree. my parents said this laptop is only "temporarily" b/c i needed it ASAP just for school. :] because from what i heard, acer doesn't have that much memory.
WordOFaith had some very good insight. 2-3 years ago I would have steered you to a Dell, but now..not so much. They have become to canned with thier responses and help. Yet they do make some nice 15" Studio Notebooks. The 17" mentioned is a good "desktop" notebook, yet if you want portability, a 15" would be a good fit.The only problem is to get some of the standard features of a 17" into a 15'', you will pay more as a 17'' will usually come more loaded for less. Then as WordOFaith said, with a desktop you can get more bang for your buck, and can change parts more easily for future upgrading, but it sounds like you want a laptop. Just another thought 64-bit, or 32-bit Windows 7?
Windows 7: 64 bit vs 32 bit? - Windows 7

If you can go to WalMart, or Best Buy, and try the keyboard, check out the touch pad (unless you will use a mouse) to see how it feels, and the screen quality and resolution etc, that always helps.
Thank you!

WordOFaith... Did I tell you thank you already for being a Godsend? LOL!

I have a nice desktop at home that I do use, but need the portability of the laptop. There are times when I am sitting at places like the park watching my sons practice this sport or that and I realize what a great opportunity that would be for me to work. I plan to upgrade to a business dedicated desktop in time (one with a TB of storage ideally), but will still need the laptop as I am on the go quite a bit.

I will check out Walmart. I used a Dell for years at work and I must say that when I did have issues with them, they were BIG. I seem to see a number of good reviews on the Toshiba models and I see them everywhere recently, so may check those out as well. I create and manage images, so will need the umph that WOF mentioned :smiley90:.

Thank you all for your input. I need to make a decision soon as I have work to get done. I will absolutely pray before I make what I consider an important purchase.