Need Recommendation

Need Recommendation


I am looking for affordable Missionary training institutes in Europe. I am from India and I see a great opportunity to save millions in my own country.

There are institutes in India, but none with a Missionary training, they do teach bible etc. My friends says "If you join an Adventist college, then most of the time you learn how to be an Adventist, rather than learning how you can help a village family by giving them a thermometer and teaching them how to use it."

I need quality education but of course I cannot afford the price, I did some search but all were tooooooo expensive, even if I had that kind of money, I would not spend it. I would rather build 50 houses for the poor villages rather than spending it get a degree in gods work.

As far as I think, no Ph.d degree can teach me how to love, only the spirit of jesus within me, the reason I want a Missionary training is because, I want to learn about "Let say, medical teaching, teaching poor kids, community prayer, helping villages put up solar lights, building a house, etc and of course ministering to the people the right way. i am sure there is more than I am thinking right now.

If any one of you know about any institute, college that provides training to that extend, please let me know.

Don't forget the scholarship part. Obviously, I cannot ask my church as they are also dependent.


I am not knowledgeable of that area but I pray God gives you direction.

I'm not totally informed about Missionary in Europe but have you considered perhaps joining a Lutherean or Catholic school likewise? Since I'm from Germany, I can tell you that as far as I know these two denominations get some aid from our state. Therefore I assume a Missionary training should be cheaper if not at last for free. Where in Europe do you want to stay?

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Do a GOOGLE search such as "European Missionary Training Centers" and you will see several pages that may help you. I am just providing one EXAMPLE below and in no way do I personally endorse or support this organization. It is just an example of the GOOGLE search results...