Need suggestions and Helpers


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Need suggestions and Helpers

I need your suggestions without which I woudn't know if you are finding CFS useful. Post your doubts too.

This forum needs moderators. If you think you can do the job then suggest yourself here or pm me.

Moderators should:
1) Be a good christian.
2) Be experienced at moderating forums(or atleast at posting) and determined.
3) Frequently post topics and reply to other posts.

CFS Administrator
I'm still fairly new here, but I think I can moderate...

1) I'm definitely a good Christian, or i try my best :p
2) Experienced in what? if it's something like coding, then I'm not too good at it. But I frequent my forums a lot.
3) I make many posts and replies, no worries there.

Lemme know if you want me to moderate or if you're okay so far! ;)
Fair enough. Now you have to choose the category(ies) to moderate.

btw by experience, I meant experience at moderating. :)
Ohh yeah i know, but I thought you meant that for example, I would have to help someone with help on something if necessary.

UMm I can moderate anywhere, whereever you feel like you need one!
Congrats :) , You are now the moderator of these forums. Let me know, if you'd like to make some changes to the list.

1. General Discussions
2. Orientation Hall
3. CFS support, feedback and management announcements
4. Friendly debates - Christianity vs the Rest
5. Sports, Games and Health
6. College and Youth
7. Christian Ministries & Links, critique my site
8. Computers and Internet

You've got a lot of responsibilities now. Goodluck.
I would love to have some responsibility

I would love to have some responsibility here on Christian Forum Site. I love this sight I know I have not been here very long but I have experience and the time. Please make a prayerful decision If Possible let me know. :preach:
hi jeff just to say the set up here is very good.maybe we could have a chapter of certain books of the bible to discuss them.a weekly theme.just a thought.
That is a very good suggestion. We could do that in the Bible study section. Someone should volunteer to post messages and keep it updated every week. May be a quiz at the end of the month and some nice prize for winners. :D
thanks jeff im not your man for that but i hope 1 comes.whats with the cats rubbish,they started a seperate group.they have cat and dog fights on poker.i hope they dont fund all the rubbish from it.its an easy way to go from good to bad.
Hi all, first and foremost I am an experienced moderator .. I like to be patient in my affairs with all other kin who are in desire and of giving of attentions in what they write and read, I am a young man who stands up for respect and is define to answer favorably to a spirit of posture and realness ..

My relationship with the Christ is alive for Christ has given me posture and completeness of soul, I feel I am really considerate to the laws of God within me on how I should be ..

I have come here thrilled by the single word called "friendly" I have just figured this site out in this single board for first time I visit it, for I am two days old here, so please excuse me for not knowing enough of your Christian Spiritual Site until further on .. I due reason I care to be correct and to do so I must value this true interest of you as well ..

I am free from bondage onto the unconsentful apposition of saintly, I am a caring person and my interest is to function properly, I am keeping in mind all members for their worthiness ..

We can discuss this further as you wish, for I know Jesus is on your side and I am improvising to cooperate for the remedial cause ..

Peace, and may your goals be alive you all ..
I don't believe I am moderator material, but I love this forum so far. I haven't been here very long, but this place has proven to be one of love and acceptance. Thank you so much. I truly appreciate all the time and effort the moderators put it to keep this a good, clean, Christian forum.

Thanks again and may God bless each moderator with the patience and wisdom it takes to do a good job for Him.
I would like the job if I could have it...I think I buzz around here enough :)

Hi JRF, we will be adding more Helpers as the forum grows. We'll keep you in our list of members we should contact when we are in need for more Helpers. Thank you for your the offer! :D

Chat room!!! Bring on the chat room!

I like the idea of chatrooms too but our servers are not so powerful enough to handle it. Chatrooms are generally resource intensive and installing one on our board could slow the whole site down. But surely that will be something I would consider in the future. ;)
I would love to be a moderator on this site I have extensive experience as a Mod and Admin on Christian sites.

My relationship with Christ is strong, my understanding of the word is strong as well. :jesus-cross:

I would hope that you and the powers that may be will take my interest into prayer and consideration.

In Him,
Rev. Rick Hill Jr, D.D.

PS> The reason I have been off line is that my computer died and I had to buy another. :dance::dance:
Can anyone tell me how to view my profile? Housesitter(Ray?) said that he'd read mine- is that because he's a moderator and gets to see this stuff or is it viewable somewhere I can't find??! LOL:confused: