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Foolishness and ignorance of context was responsible for the first dozen I look at ( randomly). The world has no understanding of scripture because they do not have the only teacher who can reveal it's true meaning- the Holy Spirit.

Here is an

56. Obedience to masters enjoined [Col 3:22,23 / 1 Pet 2:18]
Obedience due to God only [Matt 4:10 / 1 Cor 7:23 / Matt 23:10]
Should masters be obeyed? Matthew 4:10 is referring to the service of worship, as the context makes clear. We are to worship only God. It is quoted from Deut. 6:13-14 which is also in the context of being forbidden to worship idols. 1 Cor. 7:20-24 tells slaves to remain as slaves even if the opportunity arises to be liberated. Then verse 22 says that a slave is the Lord's freedman and a freeman is the Lord's slave. This is telling us that outwardly we may be a slave or free but in the Lord we are His slave and we are also free in Him. So although we are slaves to men outwardly, the one we hold in our heart as our true Master is the Lord. This is not a sanction of being rebellious to our masters but a reference to our heart. The context makes it clear that it is not saying that slaves should seek to be free or to rebel against their masters.

The Word of God decalres that God does everything in order. The Word of God declares that He establishes authorities over us and we are to obey until they conflict with a higher authority. A husband is given authority over his wife and she is to honor that authority until he conflicts with a higher authority the Word of God. So we have people in authority over us and we should comply but not at the expense of obeying God who's Word superceedes said authority.
The bible declares multiple times this same theme:

1Co 2:14 But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.
you can't answer all these. don't fool yourself. Often times these "lists of answers" don't answer the ones that most people are asking or it answers them insufficiently.

I consider messing with these to be playing with fire.. and I do not mess with fire because I was spiritually CONSUMED by these. I got them to vindicate and substantiate my faith.. to show how they are not real.. and it in in turned took the little faith I had left and burned it. It started my path toward skepticism, anger, and 5 years of atheism.

Often times we do too little to prepare people for these because there ARE NO EASY ANSWERS. to think a site with a big list is sufficient is ignorant IMO.

no offense, though. :)


I am willing to try to answer any presented. Mans wisdom is folloishness to GOd and His Word will stand any test.


Correct to a point- there where wmd at one time. some were used on the Iraqi people and some went to syria.
Just Kidding: :D

Actualy, if You look at those "cute" little "blue" numbers, within the list, at the bottom of the page You found, and say try and click on the little numbers, they whisk You away, to the attempted answers, to show there are no contradictions in the Bible----which seems to be the point of the link You posted.

So I checked it out, and clicked on a few of the pretty little blue numbers, to see the explainations, and don't see the problem of someone trying in faith to answer these questions?????

I don't know, and don't care about the questions/answers myself, but I am sure someone out there needs a little reassurance, in light of what the world says????????

So, I may have missed, why the link, was so bad, in attempting to answer such questions ( from the Theological View ) of whatever type of believer/church, tries to answer such questions????????

I spent almost no time on the link, except to try a few of the blue numbers, to be whisked away to what seemed reasonable answers to Me, and even if it is a Catholic site, which it seemed it might have been ( because I did not realy look but quickly ), and I am not fond of Catholicism in the first place,

but what is wrong with the link trying to prove their are no contradictions in the Bible?????

So please keep your arms and legs in the vehicle at all times, and have a nice trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D

God Bless,

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In #56 alone there is a HUGE problem.

THEY say...
1 Cor. 7:20-24 tells slaves to remain as slaves even if the opportunity arises to be liberated.

When the Lord says...
1 Cor. 7:21
"Were you a slave when you were called? That shouldn’t bother you. However, if you have a chance to become free, take it."

Total opposites. I don't even want to bother to look any further than that. Don't read that junk.

If you have ANY questions of ANY contradictions you think there may be, I would be MORE than happy to spend all the time I can stay awake to answer your questions and then I'll wake up and get right back at it.
Yeah, I missed your second one. I wasn't pleased with some of those answers. I just looked at a bunch of them. I could EASILY come up with counter arguments for their answers. I have never looked at a site like that, and I don't think now that I ever will. Thanks to you who started this thread! God bless.


Yep it is a poorly contrived effort to contort and confuse God's Word- very sad.
no, it is a sad reflection of the human mind's skepticism and the depths to which people seek to debase the Word of God. It is not that someone tries to answer them, but that they are asked and accused at all.


Perhaps a combonation of the two- either way both sad and foolish.
I stand corrected then I guess. I only looked at like three answers, that seemed reasonable. But I did not pick any tough ones to look at, because I must have misunderstood the original thread question??????? I did not realise it was about if the answers were acurate. But then again, I thought I saw some Papal references in the middle section, before I
scrolled down

-----And I am not surprised if they are bad answers, nor should anyone who is not Roman Catholic, be surprised that they are bad answers??????????????????

------Why would I think ( knowing how I believe ) to consider any Roman Catholic Answer to be good????????????

-----I Thought the point of the thread had been suprise that so many supposed "discrepencies" had been found, and that it was not a question of "If these particular answers were good or not," But rather surprise that so many were supposedly found?????????????

-----And so I dismissed it as, they were only found in the context, that that particular theological viewpoint, simply wanted to post answers to questions of doubt??????

-----But if this "Thread" is about accuracy, Why would I even bother to worry about "Accuracy" from the Roman Catholic Church??????????????? Unless I am missing something, "I Do Not Believe Anything The Roman Catholic Church Says, Period!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

-----And I intend no offence, but why am I not allowed to despise that "Cult" in My "assesment, withought having to take serriously anything they say??????????????????

------So I opologize, if the whole point of this "Thread" was to answer the supposed "Accuracy" of the answers,

-------And if that were the point -----I would reject them, "Out Of Hand," without even reading them -----Because they were Roman Catholic answers in the first place!!!!!!

-----And I thought I was being "Nice," in saying basicaly, let "Those" of a particular "Belief" have their own answers of faith, for those in the Roman Catholic church, who might be saved, inspite of , and not because of the Roman Catholic Church?????????? ( In My View )

-----And I still maintain, that the Roman Catholic church, is nothing more that a " Mission Field " and oprotunity, of mostly "Tares" hopefully crying out for help -----because I do not see salvation in their "Sacramental System," of our own "Works," -----and yet can not say there are not saved Catholics, inspite of the Church itself??????????

-----If I may put it another way, If as I feel, that the Roman Catholic Church, is not of God, then even if it were ( hypotheticaly speaking ) even run by demons, then is not the "Name" of Jesus at least mentioned, to the point, where one could surrender thru faith???????????? In which case I can not say all Catholics are lost, but still wonder why "My Position" is not understood ----that I simply regard the Roman Catholic Church, as a "Mission Field"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


B2LY if you are looking to learn about the validity of your faith and learn how to answer lost souls when they start making foolish statements about the bible I reccommend reading this book: The Signature of God by Grant Jeffery-

This is a pearl of a book and it will help you to realize that although we walk by faith our Christian faith is firmly built on solid irrefuteable evidence.