Need your creative advice?

Need your creative advice?

Hey guys, recently I've felt led to write a book about God and creation, and I was just needing some advice. I wanted to make the covers some of God's beautiful creation, but do you think this is too...unmatching? I'm having second thoughts. It's attached. (And yes these are original photos that I took so there's no copyright infringement:))


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Personally, I think it looks good. I do think you should focus on the content first. Once that is done, God should let you know what the cover should look like.
The question is… should you write a book around the cover, or choose a cover to go around the book?
I think you should dress the book according to the books personality.


They are both beautiful.
The 2nd is more eye-catching, I think.
I agree with Dean that God will lead you in what to do~

Thanks guys. I'm kinda going throug a period of research right now so basically I'm just playing around with the covers till I get another idea. It's just tentative.:)


I agree with Dean and will add that you should use a wide picture that will fold down the center to reach the front and back cover. Like a wide picture of some beautiful landscape or ocean, hopefully with the sun sitting near the right of it so that can be on the front. Then it'll all be the same landscape and will match and connect.