Never give up on your dreams

Never give up on your dreams

I know this really doesn't have much to do with Christianity, but I thought I'd share it.

To many people give up on their dreams just because they don't want to be persistent. They don't want to work hard for it, they don't want to work to get to the top - they just want it easy.

But, the only way you can make it is to be persistent - you've gotta learn from your mistakes and realize that the people who are at the top didn't have it easy.

To many people look to professionals and think it's all cookies and cream. No, the real people you should look to are the real people, the real people who have made it but never get the recognition they deserve. It's the real people, the people who worked from the bottom all the way to the top who should be our role models.

There is nothing wrong with professional basketball players, or equestrians, or any of that, but they make everything look easy. And nothing is easy. I tell people a lot, "Being an equestrian is not easy. How is it easy when you fall of your horse jumping a four-foot-three oxer? Or getting saddle sore after a hard ride?"

I never looked to Brianne Goutal for inspiration, I never looked to Meredith-Michaels Bearbum for the drive I have to show and make it to the top.

I know it won't be easy, but I know if I believe in myself, and work hard, I will surely one day be the Champion I am driven to be. Whether it is at the Nationals or the Olympics, I will one day make it to my goals.

So, even if right now it seems impossible, it's not. Nothing is impossible, especially not with God. People make things impossible because they believe it is impossible. You become what you think about and do the most.

So, when you're feeling hopeless, look to the real people in your sport, who fall, but get back up again. You've got to be the same way. No matter how many times you fall, get back up again and try even harder.



Life is a buch of falling and getting back up. We're in it together. Don't fall on other people and ask them kindly not to fall on you. Tell them you fall plenty on your own. :D


Find God's will for your life- make that your dream- you will never be happy anywhere else.

Mat 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. :)
I didn't create this thread for people to bash it, whether or not people understand what I have put up I put it out there and I do not know what else to say. Dreams are not a waste - if dreams were a waste people would never dream.

Even if I am rejected for it I can still go. I am not doing it to make people happy and trying to make people happy fails miserably. My father didn't support my dreams to show in the equestrian world and only now does he act like he cares. But I didn't let that stop me. I still ride. I have been thankful that my mom has given me the oppourtunity to afford formal riding lessons and such.

Some people tell me that I'll never get anywhere working with horses. Do I care? No. What people say doesn't affect my decisions and when I do get somewhere then they'll realize how much time and oxygen they wasted telling me that.

I'm sorry if I sounded angry. I just hate it when people are negative about things and don't believe in themselves, etc etc.