New from New Zealand

New from New Zealand


Just wanna say Hello and God bless everyone!

I studied and lived in NZ for more than 8 years, before that I was living in China with my parents.
(I am 26 now. Married) Currently as a software programer.

I was so grateful to be in NZ when I was young by myself as I got a chance to know God and my wife who introduced me the bible at the most depressed period in my life.

It is really amazing to see people here are all Christians, I feel so happy and peaceful in my heart.

I am so glad to be a member of this forum, and really enjoyed the threads and
wish we'd share and learn more about wisdom from God and help each other
as brothers and sisters.

Thanks for the webmasters and moderators.

This is really a well organised site! Keep the good work up.

God Bless
It's realy great to have you here with us programmer- I look forward to our growing in Christ with you !