New gal here says "Hello"

New gal here says "Hello"

Hello to all. I am new as of last week to this forum. Have been a Christian a long time and am presently part of the prayer ministry team at my church.

Am a retiree..mainly teaching and some administrative and counseling. Have three adult children and two grandchildren and married to the same guy well over 40 years. I still can't believe it has been that long. :cool:

After lurking here :read:..I was drawn to sign up for this forum because I see people seem to be friendly and show consideration for each other as various viewpoints are shared. Also, IMHO, it is a safer place to post since the moderators/administrators are doing a good job. (I know and appreciate how much time and energy that can take.) Mainly though it comes through that this is a Christian on-line community where posts are glorifying God. :cross:

Please pray for me though as I have various health limitations and challenges..mainly due to increasing arthritis. But I remain active. I enjoy being involved in women's ministries. We need each other as we all lean on the Lord together.

Hope we can get better acquainted as time goes on. :) :heart:
It is so very wonderful to have you here with us!
Pray you find alot of encouragment abd friendship and just feel at home here!
:blush:Oops, looks like this got moved into the intro section. I already posted in intro last week but posted this in the women's section to introduce myself there,..but thanks for the welcome and thanks again to those of you who already welcomed me. Didn't intend the repeat.

Welcome to the forums, its glad to have you here....Lots of noobs these days...Ive got lots of catching up to do..:D\