New girl in town (;

New girl in town (;

Hii, my name is Denise.
I'm totally new here, and I really enjoyed this page so far!
I love that you guys help each other out everyday .,

Well, I work in a church. un payed of course, I use my every thursday to have fun with a lot of teenagers (age: 13-16) , and my job is to teach them about Jesus. And it is a lot of fun, we play around, we pray . ect..

But do any of you know how to make an adult believe again ? ,
You know not force her, but it's my mom, and she once was a christian, when she was little, but it was forced on her, so she stop beliving when she moved from her parents, and I am very sad that she doesn't believe anymore, because I do, and I really need someone at home, who have he same point of view.

Hope you understand what I wrote, I'm from Denmark, so my english isn't totally perfect, but fluent :) .

Love Denise .


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Hello Denise and welcome to the family. I will pray for the salvation of your mother. But we as Christians can only plant the seed. It is God who saves through His Son Jesus Christ. Just pray for your mother and ask God to save her. Ask God to touch her heart and remove any and all doubt. Ask God to send someone to her that she will listen to who knows His words.

Don't push God on her but just allow God to use you to be an example and as you allow God to use you, He will open her eyes to see Him through you.

Also, Denise, you can go to the prayer section of this forum and make a prayer request for the salvation of your mother.

God bless,
Welcome to our forum.

I've been to Kobenhavn many times and love your city. The best thing you can do for your mom is to love her and pray for her faithfully. Sounds like you are doing a good work and are an example to many, including your mom.

Many blessings to you,


Welcome Denise . So glad you found us . Don't worry about your English . It is fine .

God Bless and watiing to hear more about your ministry .

Hi Denise, so glad you found our forum!

Denise, I was like your Mom. I grew up in church and then left for a long, long time. But I came back and so can your Mom. Keep praying for her, live by example and as she see's God work in your life, that will help her.

You've found a wonderful forum with real nice Christian people here, who will be here whenever you need us.

Blessings, Cheri

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Hi, Denise: Just joining in with others to welcome you to CFS.

One of the things that you can do each day is to provide a proper example to your Mom of what being a Christian is all about. That example that you set for her will do more to allow your Mom to see the beauty in Christianity than just about anything else you could do. Know what God expects of you by reading His Commandments and fill your own personal life with proper living and good deeds. Your Christian radiance will shine through and when your Mom sees that, discussions may develop and you can share your thoughts with her - a little at a time.

May God bless.
Greetings From Our Lord Jesus

Hi Denise,

I understand how you feel and how nice if your mum has strong faith and love for God just like yours. One word, " Don't Give Up" God knows everything.

I was once a Christian and due to some unpleasant happening in my church, I decided to leave the Church and worse of all I left God and never look back.

It was after 10 yrs. my hairstylist that keep praying for me and insist that I follow her to church one day. Finally, I make up my mind to give it a try again. In my heart I always believe that there is a one and mighty God sitting up there waiting for me to come back home, Our heavenly father.

I am now happy attending church, connected with Him and looking forward to serve Him as a drummer for my church.

Its just so amazing. Continue to pray for your mum and trust that God will touch her one day and her eye and wisdom shall be open to see the real truth. What you can do is to set good example at home, to be Christ like and show your love for her. The rest leave it to God. As one of the member has said that we only can plant the seed. He knows your prayer.

I shall keep you and your mum in my prayer. God Bless sis ! In His Time...