New Here! Hi All!

Hello, my name is Andres. Im new to this forum and to the Love of Christ. Although I know He has loved since the day I started to exist, I discovered the joy of following Him not too long ago. My life was just a mess before that, and I want lie to you brothers and sisters, I did things which I really repent of doing. But Ive learned that our Lord forgives, and I bowed to my knees asking Him for a fresh start, embracing Him forever. And He has given me that chance.
Thanks for reading!
Hello Andres.....and believe me when I say to you, WE WERE ALL IN THE SAME BOAT AS YOU!!!

I welcome you and look forward to conversing with you.

Welcome to the forums, nothing we have done on this earth can earn the salvation, grace and mercy that he has given us freely :)

Forgiveness is really powerful

God Bless