New here

New here

I am by no means what people think of when they think "Christian". I discovered God only recently and am still struggling to make heads and tails of my new found faith. I do not question the exsistance of God or Jesus as my savior, I have no doubt in their holyness (holiness? I don't know, I'm not a good speller.) becuase they found me and opened my heart to their message. Just thought I'd pop in and say hi to all my brothers and sisters.


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Hello Distantmind, you welcome to post your doubts. We could help you with your Christian life. :D Pray and trust in Jesus. :)
Hi Distantmind.
I love the reasoning side of our faith (science, philosophy, theology) but a relationship with Christ is all about experience - the same as any relationship. God will reveal what you need to know, when you need to know it, if you live for him.
Blessings, Peter.


Distantmind and Arenlor you are welcome and excepted here- I hope to get to know you and I believe it will be a pleasure to grow in our faith togeather.
I agree with pkkontario. Welcome abroad, Distantmind, and may you enjoy a abundant relationship with Christ, and enjoy your fellowship with us too!