New Here!!!

Hello all thanx for having me at this forum. I am new to this so bare with me and I will try not to break any rules or step on any toes. Have any of yall been to the website If you have I strongly suggest to be careful of what you read about and interpret. I grew up in a southern baptist household, and later I have changed my life towards a Christian aspect of just following what the bible says and the belief of God the Father, Jesus Christ, and The Holy Spirit. I feel that this is the reason and purpose for me being lead to this website and to share my beliefs with everyone that I meet. But back to my reason for this post. Just becareful, because even though something sounds right or sounds the same that doesn't make it the same. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.​
Welcome to CFS Doug. Hope you enjoy your stay here. That link Chili shared with you would be really useful. :D
By the way Chili, I was looking for the survival for new members link. How did you get it? The old one wasn't working?
Hey Doug! Was going to give you links, but JG27 beat me to it ;)
I hope you decide to stay! We are so excited to have you here!!!!


Welcome, Doug. It is such a pleasure to be in a place where everyone loves the Lord (the real Lord). I've been in religions where positive thinking was the way, the truth and the life. It's close, but no bananas. Positive thinking TOWARD submitting to Jesus and God's plan. It might not be all hunky dory, when we do that, with riches raining down from heaven and everything coming up roses--but, God can see the whole picture and He knows exactly how we can best help others and lead them to His kingdom. And, like I said, it might not be all that comfortable on this earth. But our only true comfort is with the Comforter, right? Sermon over. Glad you're here!