New here

New here

I am new here and would like to extend my most gracious of thanks to the brothers and sisters who allowed me to join this seemingly wonderful community of believers. I don't exactly know my way around here yet but it'll be fun to learn.

Just a little bit about myself:

I'm 31 years of age and currently residing in Canada but am planning a relocation to the United States---Las Vegas to be exact where I am engaged to a wonderful Christian woman. We're getting married as soon as we plow through all of the red tape. I belong to a small independent baptist church of about 50 people. I've been a Christian two years and there is undeniably no greater truth then the gospel. God's grace is incomprehensible in it's sheer mercy and love; and evidence of that is his willingness to save a rebellious sinner like myself. No man or woman on the face of this earth would forgive others' sins the way God does.

Every breath, every word, every thought, and every action we have is permissable only because of his grace. My favorite saying is "Jesus is all there is".

Sorry about my redundant rambling here LOL But I just love to brag on the Lord.

God Bless You All
Hi and Welcome!

May God bless you!



Welcome and I know you will be richly blessed here.:welcome::welcome::welcome::welcome::welcome::welcome::welcome::welcome: