New Kid On The Block

Hi, greetings to all. I'm a former atheist turned Christian. I feel so dumb for being so blind for most of my high school years to the fact that evolution is fake and God is real. We didn't come from moneys but was created in the image of God who created everything. The devil had me blind and ignorant to the truth but now I know and with my Lord & savior Jesus Christ by my side he can't fool me anymore.
Pastor Jeff Harris is opening a new Church in Greece, NY on September 8th.- Anchor Baptist Church. He is a Church Planter for the deaf ministry in Rochester, NY. September 8th is his grand opening. Currently they are leasing space from:

Trinity Episcopal Church
3150 West Ridge Road
Rochester, New York 14626

I can give you his phone & email if you personal message me (that goes for anyone who is legitimately interested in attending the Church services that may be reading this as well).

His home Church is:

Lincoln Trail Baptist Church

Pastor Harris is currently working (I think teaching and translating American Sign Language) at RIT. His goal is to grow a Bible believing Church in Rochester, NY while ministering to the largest deaf population in the United States. I consider him a friend even though I have only known him about a year. He is a good people-he is a genuine Christian with a heart for God.
So glad to hear your story and so many similar ones like these :)

Praise the Lord for opening your eyes...God bless!!