New Life

New Life

I went to bible study this morning at 6:00, stopped off and picked up some flowers for one of our older members birthday tomorrow.

On the way home, driving down the road, the fog was lifting, the sun had just come up, and just when I got back home, I loked over and one of the cows was lying on her side.

I called my daughter on the cell phone and she came running up to the church to meet me, and as the fog lifted, on this misty spring morning, we stood there, and watched one more little baby calf be born, and learn to take its first steps.

There is another thread here today called "There is a God."

Well I'm here to tell ya...YES there is.
And He loves to share His creation with us, and share it with our kids.

As I stood there, in the field, the mud and wet prairie grass under my boots with my daughter sharing in the wonderment of new life, and of Gods creation this morning, it dawned on me, that while I was shariong Gods gift with her, He was right there with us, sharing it with us,....all at the same time.

That is really cool I think. :cool:

Thank you Father, for spending time with me this morning, and thank you for slowing me down long enough to appreciate it.



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The presence of God himself. There is no better feeling that to know God was right there in the midst sharing time with you and your daughter. AWESOME.....Thank you so much for sharing that.