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Hello All!

I found this site just yesterday and was looking for a great community to share my faith and love for god and have fellowship with others.

A little about me:
I am currently a senior at the University of South Carolina where I am majoring in history. I wish to teach high school history some where in the state of South Carolina. I came to my lord Jesus Christ almost three years ago. I have struggled with my faith over that time but due to a fellowship weekend at my church this past weekend I feel closer to the Lord now more than ever.

Around a year and a half ago the youth minister at my church approached me and asked if I would like to help out with the youth. I of course said yes as I love that age group. It has been such a treasure to work with them as they grew up in the church and know seemingly alot more about Christianity than I. So I have learned alot from them.

Thanks to the mods and admins of this site for allowing me to join! I really hope my faith journey continues to grow stronger through this site!

Hi Andrew,

Welcome to CFS. I'm sure you will be blessed here. Don't forget to check out the "Welcome Pack" at the top of this forum.


Welcome, Drew. Umm, no no, don't put your coat in there, that's where I keep the skeleton, just hang it over the stair railing. Now, just relax and make yourself comfortable.


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Hi Andrew, welcome to CFS its great that you found your way here - Its a very friendly and warm site :)


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Where have you been? We been looking for you for a long time..............Finally there you are. Hey Drew welcome to CFS my friend. I was just kiddin bout the first sentence. Put ur feet up and learn the word of GOD and good ol fun hehehehehehe. God Belss you sir

Chili out