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Oct 25, 2006
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Christian Forum Site is a place for believers to fellowship. However, we have become a very hostile environment lately. This MUST end immediately. I have seen less fighting on board that contain bitter enemies.

So, here is the thing. If someone posts something that is apostasy, report it. If they post something you disagree with and you feel the need to correct them, go for a brisk walk and calm down or go somewhere else. Any other non-positive or passive aggressive response will be subject to moderation. Nobody benefits from this pointless bickering. This is supposed to be a safe place where people can ask advice and fellowship with other Christians. There are literally thousands of sites out there where you can debate theology aggressively. This isn't that place. If you cannot tolerate a place where beliefs other than yours are permitted, then you are in the wrong place. That doesn't mean that the site endorses every doctrine and belief. It simply means that nobody should feel that they can't express their beliefs without being attacked. What I am seeing is not "loving correction". It's bullying. It ends now.
Not open for further replies.