New staff position - Helpers


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New staff position - Helpers

Helpers required

Christian Forum Site has been growing through referrals, google search etc since it's start in Dec 2005. We have an average of 2-3 members registering on our site on a daily basis, even while while we maintain strict screening during registration. This means that we are likely to grow popular and BIGGER. The community is constantly monitored by our staff to keep it clean and friendly and to continue giving our members this quality service, we need volunteers who can join in as 'Helpers' and help the moderators do their job efficiently and effectively.

With this restructuring of our staff position, Moderators can step down as helpers or Helpers can promote themselves. Helper position is more like a junior position, a way to prove your ability. ;)

What is required of you?

As helpers, you should spend some time on the forum everyday screening through threads in the forum section assigned to you, helping new/old members out with doubts etc. You will also have the ability to move threads and give warnings. You will also have a forum for private discussions between helpers. Moderators will assist you there.

What you will gain?

As a staff of Christian Forum Site, you will enjoy moderating the forums and gain recognition as being a part of a nice Christian community. If you prove to be really efficient and dedicated, you will be promoted to the status of a Moderator.

No stress!

Helpers are not required to fully commit themselves. You can take breaks whenever you want.

What you should do to join? :D

Send me pm, with some background info about you. I'll reply back. :)
While I agree that this forum could use some more balanced moderation, I am certainly not the person to do it.
I totally forgot about this.

Housesitter has just joined the team as a Helper! Congrats. :D

I am humble. I can cope with being forgotten. :jesus-cross:
Thanks for the vote of confidance. I will do my best to serve the Lord through the forum.