New to C. F S...... Growin In Grace

New to C. F S...... Growin In Grace

:DMy sister it is so wonderful to have you here on the forum! I am so happy that you have came! And I wanted to especially welcome you Sis and let ya know how much I lu ya!!!
It is a wonderful place here, and everyone is truley supportive, encouraging and in love with the LORD and the Word! Prasie God and I am happy you are here!!!!:D:D





And looking forward to meeting you . I am sure your friend has given you all the info about us so welcome my dear and God Bless.
New to CFS

:) Hello Everyone, My name is Growin In Grace. Thanks to my best friend and sister in christ... New 2 Christ for telling me about his forum. I am married to a wonderful man for 12 yrs, we have two precious children, a girl Caitlyn she's 7, a boy Ethan he's 5. I am a homemaker & full time mommy. We are a christian family we beleive in the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. My husband and I was saved/baptised in 04/2008. I was raised in a christian family so I already knew alot. But he did not. Giving our hearts/souls to the lord has been the best thing we've done. We thank god everyday for all he does for us and what he will do for us. He has truly blessed us with so much! I can't seem to thank him enough. Want to know more just holler at me anytime... Can't wait to get to know more of you.... Special shout to my Sis New 2 Christ "I Luv You"
New 2 Christ: Thanks so much Sis for the awesome welcome. I really appreciate it. Thanks for telling me about this forum. I've been memebers of forums before but not one that connects people with the word of GOD. Thanks again, Cya tonight at Easter Play Practice... Love ya, Sis
Howdy there Growin in Grace.

(Do you mind if I just call ya "Grace"?) ;)

It sounds like you have your hands full.

Just so you get started off on the right foot, please take a look at the Forum Rules and the "Tips" section, these should answer any questions you might run into...

Survival tips for new members on the Christian Forum Site.

If not, just give a hollar.

Say, do you know where Jellico Tenn is?? Down by Indian Mountain park? I used to spend my summers down there, beautiful country, I just wondered if you were from around that area or not.
Ride 4 the Son,
No I do not mind at all you calling me Grace...Yes I do no where Jellico, Tn is. No I do not leave around that area. I live on the borders of Tn & Va. You've heard of Middlesboro or Harlan. Those are close to me. Thanks for the links. I will holler if I need anything... Thks.. Have a blessed day!
Yay sis! happy ya made it! Yes, it is unlike any other forum out there!
Jeff has made this a great site, and all the staff and member's here make it so wonderful! It really is like a family. I have made sooo many great friends here and their encouragment and Faith really help me daily!
Dusty(mom) I have to say brings much beauty as well, and does a great job with new ideas and posts and an awesomr job with WWC!

I am thankful for all the staff, brother's and sister's here who make this a home in the crazy world of the web!

And thankful to have you here to share in it!



Dusty(mom) I have to say brings much beauty as well, and does a great job with new ideas and posts and an awesomr job with WWC!

Now you are making a gal blush . I just love being mom to you all . It is a great honour . I guess I am mom and grandmom of CFS .... Love it . You all are the greatest .