New to CFS

New to CFS

I am new to Christian Forum Site, and I hope this is the right way to post a post. "New Thread" is the only button I saw, and it opened this text box, so here I go. Maybe I will Submit New Thread, and see where this lands.

Good Day, David and welcome to CFS. If you have any questions about navigation or features here, please feel free to ask...
Hello David and welcome my brother, I hope you have a good time here-we have some pretty interesting discussions and some great fellowship!

I guess you did something right! Are you new to forums all together? I've been a part of internet forums for quite some time now, but I'm new to this one!

I hope "Here it goes" will continue to be a great relationship with many here in our little community!
Thank You for the Welcome

Pastor Gary -

Thanks for the welcome, and for the help. As long as you guys have made it impossible for the ignorant to cause irreparable harm, I will stumble around and bump my knees a few times before crying (which means, expect to hear from me soon). This is a pretty sophisticated site, looks really good, thanks again-


Thanks for the welcome, I look forward to the fellowship, and to the interesting conversation-
P.S- would you mind if I called you "bo"? I am having a heck of a time pronouncing your name-


Hey, I did something right, and I didn't crash the site either! Yes, this is my first time joining a forum like this. I have enjoyed fellowship on the internet; visiting weblog sites. There are so many great Christian brothers out there, and I have been so edified and encouraged by them. Truly, in these days, with technology included, I can say these are the worst of times, and the best of times. It is so easy for my faith to stand when so much is being made so evident before me. I don't have a million tons of time on my hands, but I hope to visit often, thanks again,


Thanks for the welcome!