New To Here

Just under a week i think. Not good at keeping track of dates. I noticed i'm no longer a new member but it now says member under my name. This is the first forum i've joined, i just kinda came across and went for it. Was a bit nervewracking at first, bit shy, but must overcome and getting involved in all things christian cannot be a bad thing. How about you, i see you've many years of experience of the Word in your life? I've began about 3 years ago but only this past year i feel i've really entered into the christian life.
I ; as you have seen ; have been a Christian for a long time now
but we all start in the same place
lol; I remember the first days of forum life too { weird at first}
so glad I was a long time Christian before I started

advice ; hear things but also check them out for yourself
; and ponder if the question is even the point of all this

I see you are 3 years into this now ;
how is it going?
any questions bugging you ?

just so you know ; 30 years later and I am still learning more
I at the moment am trying with all my strength to believe and trust in God for what i am fighting for in my life. It becomes challanging when i am up against a situation in the natural and need to deal with people and circumstances that are against the things of God and agaunst what i want. This is a time when i especially need to trust God that He will bring me victory in the situation no matter the negative forces at work in the situation. I must remember that 'the battle is the Lord's' and trust Him no matter what.