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New to the Forums...

Hey all and God's Blessings!!!

I just wanted to take a second to say hello and introduce myself. While I may not have a lot of time to devote to reading every post on this forum I do hope to be spiritually lifted and offer words of encouragement and prayer to others as needed and as time allows.

A bit about myself...I'm currently a Religion Major at Liberty University out of Lynchburg, VA enrolled in the DLP (Distance Learning Program) as I'm active duty Air Force. I have plans to pursue my MDiv degree once my undergrad is completed and then on to seminary and the Lord willing onto being a Chaplain.

God has truly blessed my life as I have a beautiful wife and daughter and not only that, but am recovering from open heart surgery about 5.5wks out now at only the age of 30. I would love to go into how God has used this to bless me and my family, but for lack of time I'll just say I know he's using this and many other areas of my life to only build upon my testimony and future ministry.

It's my prayer that I get to know some of you personally as God allows or opens the doors and hopefully touch or bless your lives in some way.

May God bless you all and again hello :)

In His service always,
"Through my friends and with God as my foundation I am strong, alone I am but a simple grain of sand lost amidst an ocean of waves..." ~dvorbau
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Welcome to our forum! I'm so glad you found us! It's really cool you are planning on becoming a chaplain. I'm sure they are needed and when you retire from service, you will be set for life. That is, of course, if Christ doesn't return before then. My husband is retired Navy and we have been able to fly all over the world for free. I'm sure you know about it. It's called Space Available.

I am looking forward to getting to know you, so I will tell you how Christ found me. In Jan. of this year, someone forwarded this forum site to me and I went on, made up a date of Salvation (actually put the date I joined a Mormon church), and the baptizm date was true. But, a Brother knew somehow I didn't quite ring true and told me how to surrender my life to Christ. My posting name was Honeybare, but I had it changed to SweetSurrender after that. I also have my ups and downs, but wouldn't give anything for my new life. It has been really helpful, being here sharing and learning. I know you will enjoy it. And tell your wife about us, maybe she will join. A Sis in Christ, Bonnie



Thanks for your testimony and may the Lord Bless you in your studies.

Wow .... Open Heart surgery.... I am so Glad that the Lord healed you and you have that to testify. God Bless.

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome...

While I've not engaged in many discussions I've read a lot and this seems to be a very friendly and loving community.

While I've read some things I don't fully agree with I think the majority are truly seeking God. My prayers are with you all!

Thanks again for a warm welcome and I again look forward to getting to know some of you.

God Bless!

In His service always,

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