New to this

Hey guys,

I have recently had some pretty major stuff happen in my life and because of this I have found the light of Jesus Christ.

Since Jesus has helped me get through these dark times I wanted to give back and help spread the word.

I made a website and any tips or suggestions would be very helpful:

Please PM me with what kind of stuff you think I should add to it!

Praise Jesus!
Hi Gospel4Ever, Welcome to CFS - and, more importantly, welcome to the family of God!

I'm heading off to bed in a few minutes - it's nearly midnight here in Oz - but I'll have a look at your site some time in the next few days.


Welcome buddy,

Website is looking AWESOME dude.

I think you should just keep going in exactly the same style as the frontpage,,,telling everyone what an awesome and righteous guy Jesus is. Take us through your version of the Gospels giving special emphasis on His total awesomeness.

Jesus is AWESOME! So glad you're part of His family. I noticed on your site a subpage of The Story of Jesus. There is such a site out there you can find at the link below. If you go there you can sign up as an affiliate and have access to their banners and such.

Here's the link:

Once there click through to the second page just click on Contact Us and then you'll see a big round button towards the bottom (you can't miss it). Just click on that and sign up for access to the banners. You'll also be assigned an affiliate id. No benefits and no cost. Just the pure STORY OF JESUS.

You can see it in use here:

Hope this will help as you continue to build your site. Good start by the way.
OK Gospelforever welcome to CFS.

I see some of the members have proposed some good insight and I like it. You have a good start there my brother from another mother. Keep doing what your doing. God will absolutely guide you. BTW have you read this? It will help you survive this Holy jungle. So kik back and enjoy CFS and get filled with the Holy Spirit and other cool stuff.
Chili out