New twist in the story of Lazarus!

New twist in the story of Lazarus!

A few weeks ago at my church, we held Vacation Bible School. This was a wonderful week, which resulted in the salvation of 17 children! Praise the Lord! I want to tell you the story of one of the kids, though; it is very funny.

We had a little six year old boy attending. His name is David. I discovered that he is a very perceptive, bright child. He could remember the details of the Bible stories better than most kids. I was really amazed.

Anyway, one day (I think it was Wednesday.) the kids were taught the story of Lazarus, whom Jesus raised from the dead after four days. Later in the night, one of the leaders asked the kids to review the story, and David was chosen to give the account. Well, just as I figured he would, he told the story very well, including many details - one of which was rather humorous.

He said, "Lazarus got sicker and sicker and sicker and finally died. Then, the people wrapped him up in toliet paper and buried him." Well, found the toliet paper comment quite funny, but it didn't end there. He went on to say, "Jesus came and brought Lazarus back to life, and he came out of the grave and the people took the toliet paper off of him." I was having a hard time containing myself by then. In fact, half of the fellowship hall was laughing.

David was completely serious when he said that Lazarus was wrapped in toliet paper, which made it all that more funny. I just had to share that...Lazarus wrapped in toliet paper...:D
Here's another one for you:

I was at the Missonary Baptist Student Fellowship the other day for lunch, and there was a little girl there. We were eating brownies, and she leaned over and told me that chocolate is made from ticks. I told her I thought it was made of beans, and she assured me it's made of ticks. I asked her where she learned that, and she said her cousin told her. When I asked if her cousin was smart, she said, "Smarter than you!"

I just think that is so funny!