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I dont know whether you know st martin's church at the bull ring I had my assessment last week it went ok but when I got back I completely broke down and this week has been tough. I am hoping that tomorrow will go better for me but today I have a headache and not feeling myself right now.
I know the Bull Ring area but not that specific church.
Do not worry if you break down a trained counsellor will not be thrown by that and will understand. There are times when we need to 'let it out' in a safe environment.
The thing is I hold my tears back. Sometimes I dont open up as much as I should do. I had to be careful what i said to the male assessor as I did not want any Lusting signs because what I talked about was very delicate to me.

I am still struggling now with it.


I am so sorry for your pain. The tears are part of the release you need to receive healing in your life do not be ashamed.
That is very understandable but remember if this is a trained and accredited counsellor he will handle it in a professional manner just as your doctor would if you needed to discuss an embarassing physical illness.

The fears you are feeling are experienced by almost everyone who begind counselling.
I am seeing a lady counsellor. I do hope she is properly qualified or I wll have to wait for the church counsellor which I go to.

It is to do with sexuality I wont really say anymore as I am already worked up.
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