Newbie from Bradford, west yorkshire.

Newbie from Bradford, west yorkshire.

Hi everyone, My name is Bazz and I am from Bradford. I came to faith after God sent me a sign last year (Good Friday funnily enough), but my journey for answers started in 2004 after my mother died from a long battle with cancer. I used to drink alot out of boredom, depression and self pity but it got worse after she died. I fell into a world of darkness and did some things that I am not proud of, I used to live with my mother, I was planning to move out but then she was struck down with cancer and I realised quickly she needed help. She used to believe in Jesus so much but I didnt, then when she died, as I said my final goodbyes I thought that I was right.. there was no God, he could never be this cruel.
I saw some things that cannot be explained by science (I would rather not post them yet cos I dont want to scare anyone but if u want me to talk bout it later I will).

Last year (the week leading up to Good Friday) I fell out with a woman who meant a great deal to me, and an ex girlfriend of mine tried to get some revenge on me. It all got too much so I booked a week off work (holiday), to process what kind of a life I was living. That Friday at about 6pm I shouted out at the top of my voice. "GOD IF YOU EXIST THEM PROVE IT". After I issued the challenge I got a knock on the door from 2 men wanting to talk to me about Jesus, They were mormons and after the visit I rung up my uncle who is in the Salvation Army told him what happened and said I wanted to change my life around. He took me under his wing and introduced me into a world where I could find the peace I was searching for all these years. God didnt have to send ppl at my door, he could have just left me to rot but he descided to help me. For months I thought that he proved his existence to prove me wrong, but he did it out of love. I realised this after I read from the gospel of mark 16:7, (But go, tell the disciples and Peter, he is going ahead of u to Gallilee. There you will see him, just as he told you). Something clicked in my head about what that meant. He could have said "tell the disciples to come but Peter is not worthy to be in my presence", instead he sent him a message saying "I know what you have done but I still love you". Thats why the Lord sent me those 2 men which made me ring up my uncle and and ask for his help. the Lord was saying "I know what you have done with your life but I STILL LOVE YOU". After I realised this I said to myself. I am now gonna help ppl realise Jesus loves them.

In may I joined a team called Kidz Klub which makes learning about the Lord fun for kids. I also help out at something called Real Hope which is a team who help spread the good news to sinners, addicts,prostitutes and homeless ppl. We put on a meal for them and talk to those who want to talk to someone, we also help get ppl into rehab and find shelter for those who have nowhere to go. And in March of this year I am going to be baptised, so the Lord has great plans for me but it doesnt come without a price, I have lost friends who think I am stupid for believing in Jesus, it was hard but I am making new friends now. So things are really working out for me, finding Gods love was the best thing I have ever been given.

Thanks for reading this, blessings for you all.

Hi Bazz,

Welcome to the forums...It is sooo great to have you on board....

I read you long post and i have to say that God's hand has reached down from heaven recognizing that you are too precious for him to loose and changed your life around...At the same time im very sorry to hear about your mum..

You are more than welcome to talk about anything you like here...

Looking forward to a chat with you sometime...:)



Praise God , Bazz .... God is good and I am so glad to know that you found Him . That is am awesome testimony brother and I am happy to see you moving along with Him and working for His Kingdom . God Bless.

The friends you have lost will be replaced with even better friends and you have a greater Friend in Jesus.

Please take time to read the forum rules ... Thanks .

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