Newbie from Canada

Newbie from Canada

Greetings, all!

I'm a new member from Trail, BC, Canada - married for 30 years, no kids, husband a once-churchgoer who fell away in his early 20s. Yes, I know about the verse about "do not be yoked unequally with an unbeliever" - but I WAS an unbeliever when we got married, I only came to the Lord a couple of years later! I figure this is God's way to make sure His influence isn't shut out of Ron's life, despite what Ron may think he wants!

I would be particularly interested in talking to anyone in the group who is a business owner. I'm in the process of starting my own business (I will be creating and selling Christian meditation CDs - no "zen" influences, simply giving people a chance to focus on Scriptures for even a few minutes a day). I've been looking online for Christian business groups, but the few I've found seem to be simply dumping grounds for every MLM and "Make oodles of money with no effort!" scam in the world - no Christian discussion about business issues at all. I'd really love to have a group of fellow Christians with whom I could discuss the ups and downs of running a business in this world of ours.

I have a favour to ask of the group! As I am in the process of putting together my Business Plan, I need to gather market information, which is proving very difficult to do. The Christian market is such a "niche" market that it doesn't seem to be covered by any of the usual statistic-gathering agencies, in Canada or the US. If you wouldn't mind giving me your (anonymous) opinion, I have a marketing survey on my website, and I'd love it if you would fill it out! You can find it by going to and clicking on "Marketing Survey".

Thanks, and I look forward to being part of such a great group!

Jeri Woods