Newbie Greetings!

Newbie Greetings!

Hi, everybuddy! I'm delighted to be here; this is the first Christian forum I've ever joined. :dance:

I'm a 44 yo auto parts courier in Sacramento, CA. Some of my interests are reading, writing, art, the study of neurology and psychology (human and animal) and all things water and ocean related.

I'll keep this short as I'm still testing the waters :blush: and don't want to come across too pushy.

I'll just be moseying along now to investigate some threads...thanks for having me!
kafleenthedonkey we are glad to have you here Jane


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G'day from Australia & :welcome: to the forums...Glad you decided to join us. Hope you enjoy your stay.

Have a great weekend...

God Bless
Hi there! We're so happy you found our forum! This is a great Christian forum, filled with so many fantastic people!

Looking forward to fellowship with you!

Blessings, Cheri

New Here Too

I have been all over the board in terms of faith. As a child I was dedicated to the Salvation Army, later on I attended services at the United Church. In my teens I attended an Anglican church and then converted to Catholic Church to get married to a catholic woman. I am now divorced and dating a woman attending a Christian Fellowship congregation.

I am a professional photographer who also designs websites.

I travel from Canada to the USA a lot to do portrait and congregation photos. I also do web design work for Christian web sites. One of my most recent websites has been Christian Jewelry website. I was really happy to work with them as they sell some great chastity and purity rings. I currently work with a youth group and encourage teens to save their special gift for marriage like I did.